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September 13, 2012
This is Katherine known as Katie on the left and Elizabeth known as Elizabeth on the right.  They are our two little dogs we call our girls. 
This is Katie on the left and Frank on the right.  They are real brother and sister. Frank belongs to my Son and lives across town.  Katie loves when Frank comes for a visit and Frank is the same when Katie visits his house.
I will back things up a bit now and tell their story.
My Son looked over two puppies at the store and this little guy was less shy and so my Son brought him home and named him Frank. My Son was single and Frank would keep him company.  The only problem was that Frank had a sister that was left behind.  She was shy and looked scared at the store.  He took me back to the store to see Franks sister and I fell in love with her the moment I saw her.  I was worried about her health and being seperated from Frank.  My Son gave her to us as a gift.  We lived less than a mile away from his house.
We brought Katie to Frank and told them they would be able to visit each other often.  Katie looking up and Frank drinking.
Frank lived at his house
Katie lived at our house
Frank and Katie visited often
They had so much fun playing at each others house
And then Frank would hang out at his house with his Dad and...
Katie would hang out and explore at our house
Frank would come over to take naps with Katie
This day Frank was laughing because Katie was at home learning to use an indoor potty box.  He was not going to do that, he would potty outside.
Katie learned quickly because she didn't like the scratchy grass anyway
Katie got word that Frank and his Daddy were going to move across town
Frank did not know if he would like a new house
Frank had a much bigger yard, maybe this place would not be so bad
Frank still came over for visits to play and sleep with Katie.  Frank on right, Katie on left
Frank and Katie started growing This is Frank
He loved his new house, Daddy did not have a lot of furniture and he could literally fly through the house.
Katie was growing too but she loved her bed
Katie started exploring things at home
There was a cat at Franks new house and his Daddy name the cat Beans.  Now he had someone to play with.
Then Frank and Katie had their first birthday.  This is Katie with her hat.
Frank and Beans started hanging out all the time
Katie started coming over to play in Franks big yard
Then Frank would crash from exhaustion
Then something exciting happened, Frank's Daddy got married!
Katie wondered if Frank would move again and if she would see Frank again.
Katie had a lot of questions but we explained to her that this was a good thing.  We told her that Frank would not move away and there would be someone else to play with.  Her name was Princess
Princess came over for a visit to meet Katie
They all got together and started trying to figure out how the three of them would play but Frank just wanted to stay on the couch.
As Frank was now three years old he became a home boy.  He would rather be home and hang out with beans.
We had a talk with Katie and discussed the possibility that maybe we should get her a baby sister. She should start considering that maybe she should have someone to play with and live at our house. She was almost three years old now and should run and play more.
So there she was a lady had a litter of puppies, part cocker spaniel and part daschund.  We took her home to Katie and named her Elizabeth.
Katie did not know if she was going to like having a baby sister. Frank seemed to adjust to change better than Katie........
Her new baby sister got a lot of attention.  She cried a lot and Mommy and Daddy held her a lot.
Katie was not sure if Elizabeth should stay.  So she closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like if Elizabeth went back home.
But Mommy and Daddy would not send Elizabeth back home. Elizabeth kept getting in Katie's favorite bed.
Katie got tired and decided to stay in her bed even if Elizabeth was in her bed.
Elizabeth did not seem to notice that Katie was trying to be distant from her.
So ok, maybe she is not that bad............
Katie decided to see if she would play like Frank played with her when they were small.
Elizabeth seemed to have some spunk in her even though she was so small.
Mommy and Daddy got a bigger bed that had room for Katie and Elizabeth.  Katie did not seem to mind quite as bad that Elizabeth has decided that Katie would be her sister.
Elizabeth has her way with Katie and they both share the same bed.
Life is not so bad but a new baby is different than Frank.
Katie is being very good and letting Elizabeth eat with her as well as tolerating her unsual behavior.
Elizabeth tires easily so Katie has plenty of time on her own.
Elizabeth is starting to act like Frank but in a miniture form.  Katie seems to like this.
Mommy is kennel training Elizabeth and Katie likes this.  She and Frank had to be kennel trained so Elizabeth should do the same.
Elizabeth is starting to grow and be awkward. Since she is mixed with cocker spaniel her legs are different than Katies.
Each day Katie teaches Elizabeth to play like Frank
Katie has decided that she will accept that she has a baby sister that is not going to leave.
Spring is coming and Elizabeth is growing
Elizabeth is now seven months old and Katie has learned to tolerate her grabbing her by the collar and trying to pull her around the house, eating her food and constantly getting in trouble for doing something that Mommy and Daddy does not want her to do. Katie seems to know that Elizabeth is her sister and is not going home.
Frank and Princess come often for visits and they all get along.  Each has their own position in the pack.  Mommy is the pack leader then Frank, Katie, Princess then Elizabeth when they are all together.
Katie on left Frank on right, a recent visit at our house
Elizabeth has grown now and Katie loves playing with her.  I wish I could sleep like this :)

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