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Boots and Bell 2

October 20, 2011
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to read about their story go to Our Birds Boots and Bell
Boots is a Lovebird with two club feet. That has not stopped him from being a happy bird.
Bootsy is getting so grown up now.  He has been weaned!
Boots when we first got him and now he is growing up so pretty! 
Boots and Bell have new platform perches.  I ordered them from www.trueloveaviary.com these are wonderful for Boots so he can climb since he cannot use his feet due to being clubfoot (both feet).
Boots made it up to his upper deck using his new flat perches.
Bell is checking out her new flat perch.  She has a missing toe.
Boots handicapped cage.  The bottom of the cage is covered with dri-dek so he can walk without hurting himself since he walks using his elbows.  He goes up the dri-dek ramp to his first platform which he is on in the pictures playing with his clothes closet.  He uses his flat perches to get up to his upper platform and tent.  Even though Boots is very handicapped his is a very happy bird.  He runs around all over his cage just using his elbows.  He eats and drinks and chatters up a storm.  He loves his upper tent and keeps it very clean by running out in a hurry on to his platform, backs up and poops off the side of his platform down to the lower level.  I think this is a very smart bird!
Time to eat before bed............
What's for supper??? mmmmm formula!
I think Boots could eat until he is 20..........
Mommy is going to miss feeding formula...
Full Tummy........
Bootsy getting ready for bed......
Night Night time for Bootsy......
Where's the formula?
Bell very good about coming to me...........
feeding time!
Bell taking night time formula...
Photo taken only a few days before weaning..
Bell loves to be rubbed and loved.  She is sooo sweet and snuggly.
Bell playing with my zipper.  I always give her a lot of mommy time at night before bed...........
Our Pretty Girl Bell
Ms. Bell again
She is sooooo sweet
I was so excited the day that Boots perched.  But this was the only time he ever did this.  He was simply balancing for a short time.  It has been about a month and Boots has not done this since then.  This is his Night sleeping cage and small travel cage.
Boot and Bell have moved to the other side of the room.  They now have their own corner.  Their new address is 1900 Corner Kitchen Road. Their playpen has not been set up at this time.
Boots loves his sofa!  Notice his black ban across his nose is not there anymore.  He only has a little bit left.
Boots old dinning area with table cloth
Boots loves Avi Cakes!
More Avi Cake
Boots old handicapped accessableSet Up. We had to keep things low and somewhat soft because he walks on his elbows. He loves his swing, back right. Notice that his wooby is in the front left hand corner. He likes to snuggle with his wooby. He absolutly loves his toy wheel front left of his doorway. The ramp to his sofa and his new feeding station is made from dri-dek that I purchased online at www.trueloveaviary.com
Bell checking out her new perch going down to her food dish
Hummmm? Does she approve? Notice her orange cheeks now and she is getting more white wing feathers.
(This is their old location)
This is the new dri-dek bridge that goes from Bell's cage to the playyard. She loves to walk the bridge.
Boots new dri-dek ramp perch.  With his club feet and unable to sit on a perch this is the next best thing.  He has a soft pad at the top so his elbows don't get sore.  He really likes being up high.
Today I finished their playyard hook ups.  They have a tent at the top of the playyard with a lookout window.
This is a long ladder with dri-dek  cut to fit.  Bell is now walking all the way from the feeding station back to her cage.  She starts off at this bridge and makes her way to the playground then back to her cage.  She is such a smart baby :)
Boots went to the vet today to get his wings clipped.  We made the decision to clip his wings because he has learned to fly and is not safe due to his club feet.  He cannot safely grasp hold of anything when he fly's high.  So now he can still glide down but cannot fly up.  Also today is a very special day, Boots drank water for the first time today and also took his first bath by himself!   Whohooooo!
Boots is perching on his homemade swing!
I ordered some dri-dek from trueloveaviary.com and made a bridge for Boots.  He is able to climb up and perch.  We are so excited at his progress!
Today we have been building Boots and Bell a new playpen.  We still do not have all the bells and whistles but they like what they see so far.
Boots thinks this is going to be fun, Bell has returned to her cage, she still has a lot of things in her cage that she has to get use to and is not quite an explorer as Boots.
Boots got a new wubby.  He really likes his wubby
Bell chewing on her leather straps

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