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The moment we make a decision...

May 10, 2022

Each one of us live in a different way, we enjoy different food, we have different styles and our home reflects something about us in different ways. 

Each day is full of decisions, what we are going to eat, what we are going to wear, what we are going to try to do today.  

But many people waste hours scrolling an electronic and procrastinating.  This did not happen in the past because there were no such items.  

I have fallen into this trap a few times and I am fortunate to be able to take myself back to a time before we had these distractions and pull myself out of it.  We have to make a decision, am I going to waste my day or do things that make a difference?

I  change things up by using linens that I have found at thrift stores.  It puts energy into the home and makes the home feel comfortable.  It does not have to be expensive to do these things and it perks up our mood and gives us energy. It is a conscience decision to take a moment to make a simple change, then the energy comes back.

I have been going through boxes of old linens and I have decided to repurpose some of them to make more curtains.

It takes me awhile to make curtains because I like to make them different and somewhere on the curtain where I can see out if I hear a noise.

I enjoyed making this curtain because I pieced it and it gives the room a  homey look. 

Many things have been going on behind the scenes lately for Charles and I.  We started an elimination diet again just over three weeks ago to see if we could get Charles psoriasis settled down and to lose some weight that we both have gained.  So we have been eating simple meat, vegetables and only a few particular carbs and we both have lost just over 10 pounds each and are already starting to feel better.

We eat a light breakfast and lunch is a meat, vegatable and carb then a simple salad or soup or cereal for evening meal.  We have not eaten any gluten, sugar, dairy (except butter).  The only processed food that we eat is cereal and we measure that out so we do not overeat on the cereal. 

We are eating a bowl of oatmeal or cereal with strawberries or blueberries and a small amount of coconut milk.  If we get hungry between meals we eat some fruit but not a lot of it.  I am not advising you to do this diet, I am just explaining how we have lost 10 pounds in three weeks.  We did this several years ago and Charles psoriasis cleared up 80 % and we both lost a lot of weight. Charles changed clothing sizes twice when we did this the first time.  He did not gain it all back but we both have gained some of it back during the years so we are at it again.  

We have been keeping a secret from you and the reason is because it was too overwhelming for us.  I may have mentioned before that Charles and I have some wooded property near a lake and near a family member that we check on each week and do repairs as needed and help with what needs to be done.  Several family members bought property next to one another many years ago.  

When Charles father was living he had a building that he tinkered in wood working on his piece of property, it was a small wood shop.  It was later used as a storage building and filled to capacity.  It is at least an hours drive to get there and another hour back.

For the last many months, Charles and I have been emptying this storage building and we are turning it into a small tiny house. It took many months for us to just empty the wood shop and go through it and throw away and donate and get it to where we could turn it into a tiny house.  There were years of broken appliances and boxes of items no longer used and a lot of junk.

We finally got it to where we could see the walls and ripped out the insulation and panelling on the walls that had panelling.  A lot of the work was done while we still had cold weather so that helped but not anymore.

We finally got it gutted out...it was not easy.

And new isulation put in all four walls...this is when we got overheated a few weeks ago. 

Things are very expensive now so we have been budgeting as we go.  We are now ready to put the new walls up then the ceiling and floor (this photo was taken before we insulated but this is beadboard we will be putting on the walls.  It is a very tiny building, but it will make a place to stay when we need to stay up there instead of driving back and forth.  

I have drawn out a grid and floor plan where the bed will go and the small sink and a couple of chairs.  And I will start enclosing pictures of how it is coming along but we move slow so it will be awhile.  There is a well for water about thirty feet away from the building.  We have a dry composting toilet.  It is very peaceful up there and will be nice to stay overnight.

We knew it was time to do something about this so we made the decision to roll up our sleeves and just do this and we are glad we have made it this far now. 

The other thing going on in our life is last week was very difficult for we lost two loved ones a week apart. Two funerals in seven days.  A first cousin and a neighbor across the street that Charles has known his entire life and I have known since Charles and I married.  It will be very difficult to get used to him not being at his house. 

I did not know if I could do a post this week, concerned about my focus on doing a blog post but I feel better this week and feel peace with everything now.  

I want to show you a onion bloom that is getting ready to burst open.  I like to leave a couple of onions to let bloom and seed because they are so beautiful to look at. 

Here is a picture of how it will look when it opens up.  I took this photo a couple of years ago of one of our onion blooms. 

This week is going more normal, laundry, ironing, meals and dishes are back on track.  

Charles couldn't help himself and came home with Albert last week.  So Albert is enjoying the pepper patch.  He brightened up our day and he is so cheerful in our yard.

I will close here, I hope something in this posts makes sense to you if you are having a difficult time making decisions.  The most draining part of making a decision is the thinking part and then the moment you take that first step the energy will come.  Grandma Donna

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