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Diary readings May 10 - 16 1943

May 9, 2022

We pick up from last week with the two diaries of Lil and Lena.  Our first diary is about Lil and Bob.  This week Lil is feeling very poorly so there are few entries.

Monday, May 10, 1943.  Too sick to write

Tuesday, May 11, 1943  Same in bed most of the day.

Wednesday, May 12, 1943 Up and down all day, Mostly down.

Thursday, May 13, 1943  Worse today.

Friday, May 14, 1943 Bob had Emma Call Doctor.

Saturday, May 15,  In bed

Sunday, May 16, Still in bed. 

We leave Lil's diary now, but do not worry, Lil does get better.

Now we continue with Lena's Diary.

Monday, May 10, 1943, 42 degrees.  My washer was out so I washed by hand in the little tub and went and got my wash board from cellar.  The wringer works so that helped.  They said they would be over Sat. but havent come yet.  Kind of cloudy and I didn't go over street.

Tuesday, May 11, 1943.  Went down and finished my little plot and raked it and the 25 lobs of sheep manure and 25 of phosphate came $1.75.  Want to sow the peas but must iron tomorrow.  I went over and did a few erands but it rained and ill have to go again tomorrow.  Seem hard to go over street more than it used to.  I think I can work at home easier even if hard work.  My tomatoe seem to be growing pretty well. 

Wednesday, May 12, 46 degrees.  Another rainy day especialy in the afternoon. Rained hard and I did not go over street and my erands will have to wait.  Hope it will clear off tomorrow.  They came and got my washer and think it will take 10 days to fix it.  Guess I can manage but it will be a little harder.  Hope I can at least plant the peas. 

Thursday, May 13, 48 degrees.  Went out and planted several rows of beets and carrots.  Went over street this P.m. and posted letters and didn't pay the bills as I called on Miss Shaw & Gromer and forgot it.  Im doing a lot of forgetting these days. They are all stired up cleaning house I don't like such stiring up but take a little at a time.   Im not doing much but gardening at present then I must get after the cleaning after I varnish Richards and paper. 

Friday, May 14, 32 degrees.  Cold and light frost this morning.  I dug up a little more around the house and put a little sheep manure around.  I must sow the morning glories and haven;t found any nastiturms will have to get them in pkg.  I went down in the garden and raked in some sheep manure on what Ive spaded 10 x 60.  I must sow some peas. Richard went to Woodstock to clean the exchange so I went to Hilters Children a rather depressing picture. Had Barrel fix my glasses and left the ones I broke. 

Saturday, May 15.  Today was a busy day.  Did a little cleaning up then went in the garden and put in peas and some black wax beans also swiss chard and a little lettuce.  Dug around the asparagus and found there will be some next week.  Weeded the iris and dug around the rhubarb found 3 or 4 clumps coming but without sugar they will be nil.  Sowed a few blue morning glories and forked around the front and must get some nasturtiums.  The weather holds chilly. Mowed the back lawn and washed the kitchen floor then took a bath made Richard some of his dried beans soup.  I think I could make better. 

Sunday, May 16.  Cloudy and not very warm yet.  Am wondering when it will warm up.  The trees leave out very slowly, can hardly see them along the river bank.   Built a fire in the furnace and was too hot but seemed cold without one.  Cooked a chicken for dinner we get tired of chicken. 

End of this weeks diary reading and we will pick up again next week.  

Grandma Donna

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