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Diary readings June 10 - 17, 1943

June 10, 2022

We continue our diary readings of Lil and Lena, both written in 1943.  The readings for these two diaries started January 1 of this year of 2022.  So to start from the beginning just find that post done on January 1 to start the beginning of these diaries.  I type the diaries as they are written, little punctuation and mispelling. 

Lil and Bob are in their 70s and Lil is a housewife and Bob does odd jobs and lawn work and he does war duty by going to the top of a local hotel to watch for war planes.

Thursday June 10, 1943.  Nice day - Up Town to shop - Bob fixed the vac-cleaner

Friday June 11, Fine day - out watering and digging weeds in a.m. over at Frahms to keep Jackie while Bob took Emma up to Bank. 

Saturday June 12. Nice day  Done some cleaning, demothed clothes closet - Bob home early & washed outside all windows. 

Sunday June 13.  Fair but cold wind - Bob up for Chronicle, cut lawns - Bob Marshall here in Eve-

Monday June 14.  Nice day - watered lawn all forenoon - Up Town to shop in afternoon.

Tuesday June 15 - Warmer 85 degrees Made a little Peach Marmalade & worked Nuco.  The Koch family moved out today next to Emma. 

Wednesday June 16.   Hot day 99 degrees Not much doing but trying to keep or get cool.  

Thursday June 17, Very hot in a.m. - cooler in P.M. watered all lawns in a.m. - Bob late done shopping on way home. 

End of this weeks diary reading of Lil and Bob.  Now on to Lena and her son Richard. 

Lena's diary

Thursday June 10, 1943  Was married 38 years ago today.   Went out and dug up quite a space and put on and raked in phosphate will plant corn perhaps peas.  Have got to spray my tomatoes as that wild disease is showing up and holes in the leaves, will make a nicotine spray.  Everything is up but the parsnips & lettuce dont believe either is coming.  Came in 9 0'clock and washed Richards clothes and had baked mackerel for dinner.  Didn't go out today and came on rainy by 2 o'clock and still rainy.  My hives is a little better but dont feel very good talcum powder seems the best thing.

Friday June 11.  This has been a nice day my hives makes me feel chilly but the sun was feeling warm when I started for W. Leb at 10 O'clock. Got 2 cheese, cottage cheese not rationed and a piece of salt pork which has only 4 points.  Had a chicken and put in the stuffing tonight.  Rebecah Sunday and if I can will go as I plan to roast the chick Sat.  Perhaps my hives wont look fit to go out put red pepper around the tomatoes and sulphered the cut worms.

Saturday June 12.  This was a busy day and turned out pretty warm.  Washed & waxed the linoleum in the front room after Changing things.  Moved the organ in the little room makes the front room much larger and must put on the screen to the large window.  Washed the kitchen floor but didn't wax it washed off the piazza.  Yesterday Richard mowed the lawn and trimmed up shrubs and trees.  Had the roast chick for dinner and I have a can of clams and some canned meat will keep the chick for next week I think. Went over and got nucoa after taking a bath. 

Sunday, June 13.  Today is odd fellows Mem. Sunday.  I didn't go my hives look rather bad for dressing up so I staid home made a clam chowder as Richard does not like chicken very often.  Made vanilla ice cream  The cream seems quite a lot better.  Wrote to Geneva her father is better was out last week and helped plant the garden with Geneva & Mabel. 

Monday, June 14, Did my washing and got thro 10:30 went out early and dug up some grass next the line.  Must put in something perhaps some peas and tomorrow plan to plant some corn and must set out the asters as they are nearly budded.  Had a letter from Linnie she went to the service at M.E Church and said very few attended.  No cars to go, it is a surprising how few get out no gas is cause.  Went to W. Leb but no meat nothing doing but saw some people I knew.

Tuesday, June 15.  Went out early and planted corn and dug up a place for peas and planted my others are in blossom wondering if ill have some for the 4th dont expect to and will be glad if they yield any.  Pearl came this awful hot P.M Had planned to go over street and did quite late.  Mailed the application for oil hope it was right.  My pen isnt very good and the writing loks bum.  Got the 2nd lb of coffee.  Shall get canning sugar 10 lbs coupon 15.16 and be care of so much .  Can have another 5 lbs sugar about july 8 to last to aug 15.  This turned out a hot afternoon 87 or more.  Mrs. Barton has been very sick first time I ever saw her give up is better her daughter is there.

Wednesday, June 16.  Did the ironing.  Went over W Leb and got salmon boiled it with egg sauce and got a whole haddock which I dressed and put in the refrigerator hope it will last 2 days fried and baked.  I had ice cream.  I found several mexican bean beetles and a  few eggs which I destroyed.  Must spray the tomatoes and get something for the bean beetles.  Got a cake and rye bread down to Joes.  Richard changed to the other small room tonight Hope he'll like it better, as its more quiet.

Thursday, June 17.  Didn't do much today.  Felt kind of dopey today.  Rainy day and after a smart shower this late P.M. Fixed curtains for the little room.  Will wash Richards clothes.  He got wet coming home this noon and again tonight but changed both times and had an umbrella tonight.  Aught to carry one more.  Put the curtains in the room he changed to I hope he will sleep better.  My peas are all in blossom and the beans are starting they grow like weeds and the tomatoes too if I can only keep the bugs away.  

End of this weeks readings.  More to come next week. 

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