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Diary Readings July 23 - 29, 1943

July 21, 2022

We continue with our diary readings of Lil and Bob and Lena and her son Richard.   To read all of the diary readings for this year, go back to January 1, 2022 on this blog. 

This is the diary of Lil and Bob

Friday, July 23, 1943.  Cold wind & Sunshine  Baked apple pies - Bob says they are the best ever -

Saturday, July 24.  Sunshine but cold wind - walked up 3rd st. Stores.  Cleaned up house a bit.

Sunday, July 25.  Fine day - Slept late- Bob up town for Chronicle cut front lawns.

Monday, July 26.  Warm day 96 degrees out on porch 88 degrees in house - Baked cookies - B.M. called in a.m.

Tuesday, July 27.  Another warm day 96 degrees & 88 degrees - watered front lawn & out in yard keeping cool - Ruby A. Called on her way home.

Wednesday, July 28.  Heat same as yesterday. Done the washing - Bob went up town & done the shopping.

Thursday, July 29.  A bit cooler but still hot - Made some apple sauce & worked Nuco.

End of this weeks reading of Lil's diary.

Now we continue with the diary of Lena and her son Richard.

Friday, July 23, 1943.  Feeling better today the treatment Dr. Stephens is giving seems to work and I walked over street and mailed a box to Mrs. Denison and did some shopping all against orders didn't tell Richard as I thot he wouldnt like it.  Not only the ankle but all over I feel much better and brings my courage as there are many things I must do.

Saturday, July 24.  Think I must be improving but didn't do my work properly and it is very hot.  Had beet greens I bot yesterday for .10cts.  There were 9 beets with tops and nice and fresh.  Thot Id save my few and let them grow, mine are the same size a few at least and 1 & 1/2 inches thro.   Shall soon have carrots too I went down and pulled the string bean vines and picked off a good big meal.  There were quite a few yellow slugs which  I destroyed but didnt see any in the shell beans but must dust them again as they come fast.  Went over street afternoon and found a few things at Newberrys and the A&P, Hot .

Sunday, July 25.  Here it is first Sunday after vacation.  My ankle still keeps my attention but is much better I hope.  Didn't go out or write any letters today.  Aught to write to Eunice as she has written 3 times but didnt feel like it.  Bedtime a thunder shower cam on and not much rain couldnt get to sleep even after it stopped.  

Monday, July 26.  This is foggy and looks as if it might do anything but I washed and put out the clothes then it began to sprinkle but left them out and it seemed to clear up at noon.  My little jeep hasn't come but may this afternoon I aught to go out but must call the express office  Just didn't go out but it didn't come. 

Tuesday, July 27.  Sprinkled the clothes but didn't iron til afternoon.  Richard wanted me to have Dr. Stephens come and give him some help has been having a summers complaint and the Dr. said a lot of them had been having it.  He left him some pills for his appetite and the other trouble and checked my ankle.  I think he wasnt quite satisfied with the progress I have made. 

Wednesday, July 28.  No fish at West Leb. but I went over street and found some nice baked ham.  Made and apple pie this morning, it tasted good to me Pretty apples.  President spoke this even 9:30 to 10.  Some are having the war end this year but he never makes any promise of the kind.  I dusted the shell beans and found quite a few yellow slugs. 

Thursday, July 29.  Went out and dug up part of the space I pulled the peas and string beans and planted 2 rows by some black wax beans I had left and sowed a few beet seed then it rained and couldnt do any more.  Chored around did a little ironing I had left and made a fish hash for dinner had picked a hand full of peas 2nd planting but they were crowded out by the tomato plants.  The shell beans are coming right along.  

End of this weeks diary readings.  Next week we will find out if Lena's little jeep comes that she ordered so she won't have to carry her heavy groceries.  I looked up to see what Richard call a summers complaint and it is a stomach issue.  diarhhea / constipation occuring during the hot summer.  Several people have asked me what Nuco was and it was a butter substitute.

See you next week for more diary reading.  Grandma Donna

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