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After the meat market

December 21, 2015

Before going to the grocery store or the meat market I eat a bite of something so I will not be hungry when shopping because if I am I will wander off my shopping list. This is a slice of banana bread that I am eating.

So this day we went to the meat market and I want to show you what we do when we get home.

We open the package of meat and divide it into equal parts.

We use a small scale to get an idea of how much we want to put in each package. 

place it on to wax paper or natural wax paper as I have here...

Flatten it out so it will thaw much faster... This is not a hamburger patty. This is seven ounces of ground meat that we will use to make supper.  We may use this for a no named dish where we brown the meat, add sliced onions and sliced bell peppers and then make a gravy and top over rice or mashed potatoes. This could be a spaghetti sauce or meat balls... or two hamburgers....

I start stacking each divided and wrapped piece...

We have a roll of butcher paper and we place a sheet under the stack of meat we have here and wrap the stack with butcher paper. You could use zip lock bags..

We then put that on top of the butcher paper it came in and wrap again. Why? As you know the cost of meat these days we are very careful to not waste anything and we simply want to protect each serving..

So here it is with the original butcher paper on the outside and all the meat has not been divided so we can open this package, take out what we need and wrap it back up and put it back in the freezer.

We do the same with bacon. We cut each slice in half place it on the wax paper...

Roll the first piece over and put the other half on top and roll again. This helps when you take it out of the freezer and remove exactly what you need.

Here it is each wrapped piece has one slice (two pieces) because it has been cut in half.

We wrap it exactly the same as the ground beef...

Then it goes in the freezer. All the meat in our freezer has been wrapped this way so we remove no more than we need and we don't waste any meat.

These are our supplies. Freezer tape

Freezer paper... 

A good while ago we realized we were eating too much meat per serving and this way we control our intake much better. We have been doing this for a while now and you might think that paying for the freezer paper and tape would be an added expense to the meat. It does add to the cost but it saves because there is no waste.

I hope this helps in some way, Grandma Donna

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