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The Diary of Sarah April 24 - 30, 1932

April 24, 2023

Sunday, April 24, 1932.  Dull, dark, cloudy and rainy with one good shower this P.M. Had the usual necessary morning tasks to see to and the young Chickies to care for.  Made preparation and with Joseph and his family, attended church and S.S. services. (Father did not feel like going.)  Got back for noon about 11:45.  Saw to the chickies, served dinner &did some reading.  Then Father & I and Joseph & Family all motored to Franklin & Carlisle visiting with Willard & wife & Miles and home for evening tasks.  Ernest, V & Jimmie here this evening.

Monday, April 25.  Somewhat rainy, dull & cloudy this A.M. early but things cleared up soon.  Had the usual morning tasks and saw to the chickies and father's help.  Made preparations and did the wks. washing for both families, finishing after dinner with a dinner unfit for Ernest.  The wind was blowing briskly and dried the clothes rapidly.  Cut grass & other greens for the chickies & saw to their wants.  Then took in almost all of the clothes & finally, when I was ready to get items our (Telephone? see photo above) was out.  Got Joseph to take me over to Dickey to get my news together. Home for evening tasks.  Copied a few sheets. Sleepy. 

Tuesday, April 26.  Dull, dark, and rainy the whole day through. Had the usual daily tasks indoors and outside and at the strip-room where I spent quite a bit of time with the little chickens.  After getting the necessary morning tasks out of the way I sat down and finished up the news items ready for the mail.  Then got busy with the household tasks & dinner preparations.  Did a few odd turns this P.M. saw to the poultry & usual evening tasks. Late.

Wednesday, April 27.  A fine bright day but still quiet cold.  Usual morning tasks & care of the chickies.  Did some telephoning and prepared a bunch of Irish Potatoes for planting.  Set the house in order, cut grass for the chickens, prepared and served dinner, After dinner work, Made preparation and attended the Funeral of Mr. Gustin at the Red Lion Church this P.M.  Home again about 4 o'clock started the plant and did the wks, ironing. Usual evening tasks. Barb ready for town. 

Thursday, April 28.  A fine, bright, warm and beautiful day.  Had the regular daily routine of household tasks and work with the poultry.  The weather was so fine, that I decided to clean up the big wardrobe down stairs so Got busy with the care of the constants carrying everything out on the line or the front porch.  Dinner.  This P.M. I dusted and washed the entire wardrobe.  Painted one of the flower tubs in the yard & got things back in the wardrobe.  Harry's here for supper and the evening.  Tired and sleepy.  

Friday, April 29. Cloudy and hazy almost the entire day with a sprinkle of rain about 6 this P.M.  Usual early morning tasks and breakfast.  Then, father & I were busy with the poultry for some time arranging for the use of the new coop father had made.  Usual household tasks.  Gave the bed-room and living-room and especial clean-up and spent the remainder of my spare time mending.  Evening tasks, Late supper.  More mending almost 10.

Saturday, April 29.  Cloudy and cool.  Had the usual morning tasks indoors and outside.  Baked pies, a velvet sponge cake, bread and kuche. Gave the kitchen an especial clean up for Sunday.  Had the young chickens to care for.  Scrubbed the west porch and pavement and got my eggs ready for town.  Ernest & Vera are entertaining company over the wk.end so did not come down.  Usual evening tasks.  Did mending since supper, bath, late. 

End of this weeks reading.  When Sarah mentions her bath on Saturday, this probably took a lot of preparation to draw up water for a tub bath.  She most likely used the wash bowl during the week.  That is what I am thinking.

Grandma Donna

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