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The photo is my son and myself. Now days you can get a photo made to look old like this one. This photo was taken when this was the new look.

Harry S Truman was president when I was born and world war II had ended. I grew up in a time when lunch was put in a brown paper bag and a sandwich was wrapped with wax paper. There was no such thing as pantyhose, we wore stockings that attached to the rubbery clippy things that attached to the girdle. Convenience stores were not common and when we took a trip we packed a picnic basket because many places did not have fast food. Highways had places to pull over and stop, some with picnic tables. Read more ....

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Living in a small home

January 22, 2016

There is something about a small home. It is warm and cozy, yes that is what it is, cozy like a tea cozy.

We can treat a small home like a small palace if we just appreciate it as if it were a palace, we can make it anyplace we want it to be.

We can live perfectly comfortable in a small simple home. The key to comfortable in a small home is lack of clutter making sure that everything fits comfortable, is not crowded and has it's on place.

A funny thing happened on our way to downsizing our household items when we became overcrowded.  We started removing many things and the items we were packing up to donate or throw away were things that we had purchased in the past 20 or more years. We saw quality in the older items and quickly realized the way it was before was better. 

We decided to keep only the items with purpose. We wanted everything to have it's own space, and location that it rests. 

When we first fly the nest and start our own home we often do not have very much to put in a home. Then the mistakes of life happen called debt. We want everything right away and we start filling our home with all kinds of things that often end up in a donation box or the trash. If we could only start off life in a very different way and that would be the way that our generations before us started.

This photo above is split chain tatting. When I decided to learn how to tat, I first had to learn how to do basic tatting. I did not know how to hold a shuttle much less use it. It would have helped if I had learned as a child sitting next to someone that knew how to tat but I did not. I inherited my mothers shuttle that was passed down to her. She never had any interest to tat, she loved to sew so I had to learn the hard way by reading and doing it over and over. When I finally learned to split chain I felt I had reached a much higher level of knowledge in tatting. Learning by book is far harder than watching and listening to someone that knows how to do something well.

What I am saying here is sometimes we should ask our elders before they are gone. They have lived the game of hard knocks and know now what is important and what is not. It would prevent so much debt, it would prevent waste and it could prevent the same mistakes from happening. It is easy to accumulate debt when we are impatient and it can take many years, if ever for some, to get out of debt.

We have a small home and a small garden and even in a small garden we can grow a surprisingly amount of food. 

Our home is by far not one of those tiny houses (that I adore) but smaller than most of today's usual houses that are being built here in the usa. Our home is about 1100 square feet. We could live in a smaller home than this and be perfectly happy.

Many things we want we do not need. If we focus on just these three things of food, shelter and clothing and learn as much as possible about these three we could live a remarkable life. What is there to learn about Food, Shelter and Clothing? Actually quite a lot. 

Every day I am doing something in our small home. I am dusting or laundry, cleaning floors, cooking, washing dishes, gardening or tending to something.

Then there are the "Funner" things such as making bobbin lace or tatting, Sewing, crochet or doing something very interesting.

Some people will say, oh I don't know how to do those things. But I did not either before I learned. I had no idea how to make this lace above until I just started doing it.

Gardening, even just a small garden out on a balcony, patio, porch steps or wherever can be very rewarding. It is a very healthy activity.

A small home can be fun if we just make it fun. If you have just one room that is yours then make it the most interesting one room anyone ever had. You don't have to spend a lot of money either. Shop at thrift stores or go to yard sales. Make things by hand. We are all different and like different things. 

Fill the house with smells of fresh baked bread, stew or a warm pot of beans cooking.

Have you ever been envious of something someone else has? We all at some point in life go somewhere that is just fabulous and we think oh to only have this. Then we go home to our place.

If we don't like our home then change our thinking and make it ours because it can become our magical place. We don't have to move because we can just adjust our thinking, the way we look at things we can do most anything with what we already have.

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