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Farm House 1907

September 6, 2015

My husband and I drove to a place that is called Landmark Park in Houston County Alabama. It is on the outside of Dothan Alabama.  I took pictures to share with you the Waddell House as well as the Farm, the General Store, Church, School House, and some of the other buildings on the Farm. The buildings as well as the house have been donated by families that once owned these structures. It is a beautiful farm that is open to the public and it feels like going home. We have been here before but I wanted to go back to show you this lovely place.

There is a sign in the front of the house that says;

This quaint turn of the century farmhouse originally stood on an 80 acre farm, located 2 miles west of the Houston County Courthouse. The house was built by Bud Bush of heart pine lumber from the sawmill owned and operated by Lesker H. Waddell. In 1906 Mr. Waddell purchased the house and acreage, completely furnishing it during the next three years. In 1909 he brought his bride, Gypsy Hall, to live on the farm. Three children, Earl, Byrd and Iona were born in this house. The house and furnishings remained unaltered until the death of Mrs. Waddell in 1976. Mr. Waddell died in 1956.

We walked through the front gate and it felt as if we were coming home to visit our family.

I wonder how many peas, beans and corn were shucked on this porch.

I think one of the most important parts of a house is the front and back porch.

The front screen door draws you inside.

The front entry is the parlor of sorts. I am standing at the front door and looking through into the back porch. At the very far end is a well with a rope and bucket.

Standing in the entry and looking to the right is a bedroom. A bed, Chairs, A dresser/wash stand. A fireplace.

The other side of this bedroom is a petal organ, a rocking chair and a treadle sewing machine.

A photo of this same room looking from the bedroom doorway.

I turn around to the other direction still standing in the entry to the left now and another bedroom. A child's bed and another bed behind this one, the children's room.

This same children's room the other side.

Looking in this same room from the door. The door to the right that is open goes into the dinning room.

Looking from the entry room on to the back porch. It is truly a lovely sight of the farm.

Off the back porch is a small bedroom.

Their wash tubs

Still on the back porch the door to the left is the kitchen and you see the well is just outside the kitchen.

I am standing at the well and turned around to take this photo. The door to the left is that small bedroom. The center door is the front entrance room and the door to the right is the dinning room. This house has a lot of screen doors and windows for ventilation.

Looking into the kitchen from the door off the porch by the well.

Still the kitchen left side and you can see into the dinning room.

Right wall of the kitchen.

Another view of the kitchen and work table. I bet there were a lot of biscuits and bread made here.

The dinning room looking from the door off the porch.

This is the door that goes into the children's bedroom.

Another view of the farm.

I walked out the back steps and turned around. The well is to the right going up the steps the door to the kitchen. 

I just love this house and wanted to share with you. More posts coming about this farm.  Grandma Donna


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