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Harry S Truman was president when I was born and world war II had ended. I grew up in a time when lunch was put in a brown paper bag and a sandwich was wrapped with wax paper. There was no such thing as pantyhose, we wore stockings that attached to the rubbery clippy things that attached to the girdle. Convenience stores were not common and when we took a trip we packed a picnic basket because many places did not have fast food. Highways had places to pull over and stop, some with picnic tables. Read more ....

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Crossing the line

August 26, 2022

Many post back I have spoken about stepping over an imaginary line.  It is a powerful thing to do.

With all that has gone on in this world and to me it seems to get crazier each day, many people become overwhelmed for many reasons.  

Some of us are walking around with fatigue, brain fog, disorganized homes,  cranky children, cranky adults.  Prices are going out of control and for many debt is rising.  I am most concerned about the general behavior of people, never seen anything like it. 

I am happy for the people that are not having problems or discomfort but there just seems that more are than not.

It comes down to we all have to deal with our issues.  I continue to feel that there is a way out of bad situations and never give up trying.  We have to start with us, me myself and I. 

We can cross the line and start over at any place and any time.  We can fix the situation or we can make the "best" of the situation.  

Right now if everything seems out of control just stop what you are doing, even if you are feeling overwhelmed and have sat down to read this blog post.  Just stand up and take a few steps and look down and draw a imaginary line on the floor and step over and leave everything on the other side.  Everything that is a mess, everything that is bothering you, everything you might have done wrong or someone has done wrong to  you. Something that you wish had never happened but it did.

If you take it back then step over another line................................ until you let it go because letting it go is the biggest part of the solution.  It is more of a mental thing that stops us from fixing the things that are wrong or bothering us in our life.

Some of us have physical issues that keep us from doing things but this is when we need to ask for help to get us in a better position so we can maintain where we need to be. 

Now that we have stepped over the line, be ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work because you have left all of those bad or difficult things behind and you no longer carry that burden.  

It is like a large whirlwind, not a tornado but a whirlwind came and just messed everything up and you are there to fix it and make it better than before it was messed up.    

It is time to clean it up, start over, fix the situation.  If it is debt, it was already done, the mistake was made but now we are going to fix it. No sense in beating yourself up over it, it was a mistake just don't charge another single thing.  Nope, don't do it.  "But I just can't this week".  Nope don't do it, wait and find another way.

The most sensible way is to not do the same things you were doing and start living a very sensible life.  Disconnect from anything you can that causes you to have a bill except your electric and water, do things the old way, it is hard work but empowering.  

If you have a bad situation, do not remain doing the same things that created this situation. 

Do not eat out, don't spend that money unless is to pay for the roof over your head, gas to get to work, the necessities only.  Life is too short to drag a ball and chain labeled debt. 

If you are okay financially, that is good but there is always room for improvement for saving money, especially now.

It will get better.

If it is your home that is completely disorganized then start somewhere, a corner of a room or somewhere that makes the most sense. If you do nothing you will remain in the same place you are now, just standing there looking at what that whirlwind did.

If possible ask for help from a friend or family member.  If there is no one then take each day forward to remove something to donate or recycle or throw in the trash until you can see your way out of the situation.

I can tell you that I played that game of scrolling online to see how I could get my home the way I wanted looking for answers and I can save you the time and tell you that it is only happens by rolling up your sleeves and just do it no matter how hard.  Don't give up and push through it, it will be worth it.

Make space in and around things. It will be easier to clean and you will be able to enjoy your home doing the things that need to be done with less pressure. 

My son called me to ask if I wanted some pears, they had a limb to break and they were not quite ripe.  So I took them and let them sit for about a week and then canned them.  This is what would have been done many years ago.  It just makes sense.

Less than two weeks since planting and the radishes are doing well.

Charles and I do our best to live a simple life, we grow at least a small amount of our food, we try to keep something growing in the garden.  

We cook homemade meals and homemade gravy can make a meal stretch much further if there are many people to feed. In the past when things were financially difficult they knew how to stretch food and how to stretch the dollar.  This is a time to be doing that because we need those dollars to remain with us so we can get through the hard times.  There were many meals with biscuits and gravy for the families with many children.  I remember many evening meals of syrup butter and biscuits or tomato gravy and biscuits.  That was the meal. 

Not everyone can afford to eat healthy all the time and so I am bringing forward some of the food ideas that were eaten during the great depression and just difficult financial times.

We try to eat healthier now but when we have more to feed this is a good way to make a large meal more affordable.  My brother has a large family to gather and when they all get together sometimes they make a very large pot of spaghetti and salad and everyone has food in their belly and it did not cost a lot. 

Do I think that things are going to get very bad with the economy?  I do not know the answer to that, I know that with all of the history about the home life that Charles and I have studied, we know for certain that there have been many very difficult times throughout history and yes, many things can still happen.

We also learned about the mistakes that were made during difficult times in the past and with the knowledge we have from our studies Charles and I have taken action that hopefully will help us to not make the same mistakes. The big mistake?  Do not buy what you cannot pay for and live sensible so we can ride out those difficult times. Always live below your income. 

There does not have to be a pending recession or depression or really a reason to live a more simple sensible life.  It just makes sense.

Your life does not have to be old fashioned to live a simple life.  We just prefer to live similar to how they lived in the past because it feels nice.  That is the visual part.  We have read and learned enough to want to live like they did because they knew how to survive hard times. 

Charles and I are not perfect or even close.  Our house gets dirty, laundry gets backed up, we were in debt at one time, we have made mistakes, but we decided to step over the line and change all that we could to make it right.  I am here to tell you that it can be done because we stepped over and crossed the line.

Tomorrow will come and each day is passing so if it is going to do that why not be in a better situation next week than this week and next month than this month and then next year than this year and we can do that by starting now. 

If we do nothing we stay the same but if we do even a little to improve we will have improved, think what we can do when we are bold, step over the line and leave all the mistakes behind and start fixing it.  

Grandma Donna

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