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1940s life then and now, the missing closets.

March 15, 2022

I have started using a file box for our garden seeds.  

Since starting the study of 1943 I keep trying to remember my childhood living in our house that was built in the year 1940.  Our house that we are living in now is very similar to my childhood home built in 1940.  That home had better storage space and since I have been trying to make things fit into our home and it just will not organize as it was long ago I finally figured out what the problem was.  Storage space.

I found a publication that I want to share with you and I cannot take pictures of this because I do not know if it is for me to share but I did find this publication from 1940 of closet spaces.  At first I did not think there was much to it but when I started reading it and studying the pictures it was more important to me than I first thought.  This has changed so many things for me and explained why I have had so much trouble organizing because I have had my own mental picture of what organized looks like, I just could not make it happen.  I am not nor want to be a minimalist but I also do not want clutter and mostly I want everything to have it's place. 

I want to get our kitchen better organized and our linens and toiletries.  I have been working on it and I keep wondering why after purging so much does it still not fit loosely. 

Then I found this publication that shows closets and cabinets in the year 1940.  This has helped me and I am hoping it will help you too.  

I realize that I have too many varieties of things and also too many of them.  This publication has made me realize that the extra's need to be stored somewhere else and when I use up something I can pull from that extra space if that makes sense since I am not going to just throw it away.  I feel that at this point in time we need extra since we have shortages but if we pile it into a space not intended for that then other items will not fit where they should go. 

To me my understanding now is the difference of then and now, many things are larger, larger towels, larger containers.  For me if I buy one I may but two or three but in the past they most likely would have not done this.  People have more shoes, more clothing but really do we need all of this?  Charles and I just went through our clothing last month and we packed away clothes and kept out a certain amount to fit into our space we have for clothes.  I have pulled from my put away a few times now so I need to keep adjusting this.  

This is a small bulletin with only 20 pages and it is for sale on different places such as ebay and other outlets but there are not that many.  That is how I purchased mine.  

When you click on the link you should see a picture like this shown above and a index off to the side that says contents.   If you click on contents page it  should turn the page so you can see each page.  Charles and I are going to try to add a closet in our home and possibly add some drawers below our kitchen counter.  This would help us a lot with organizing our home.  Our bathroom cabinet in our hallway is similar to the one in this booklet so I will remove the items and try and place them as stated in this little bulletin.  I will take pictures when I do it. 

I could say, well we have more things than we did back then.  Yes, that is the problem but I am trying to go back to the basics of the early 1940s.  At least I am better motivated now.  

If you have questions just send me a short email with your question so I will be able to answer.  If you do not want an answer but would just like to email your thoughts, please send your email and state at the top or bottom no need to answer and I will certainly read it.  I will send back a "Got It" to let you know I read it.  Thank you.  

Here is the link below.   Grandma Donna


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