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August 28, 2022

It is time for Charles and I to look back to early spring and to where we are now.  Each year we learn new things about gardening and most everything.  I learn best by my mistakes.

As usual we try something different in the garden, sometimes it is different kind of garden beds or containers.  We have much shade once the trees are full of leaves and each year there are more because the trees grow.  This year we turned the direction of the beds differently so hopefully so more sun could reach the beds.

I tried something different this year with sweet potatoes, first I did my regular put the sweet potatoes in water to sprout slips...

And I placed some in an old pot and buried them in soil...

After reading an old history article of making slips I buried the sweet potatoes and then grew the slips and as they grew pulled off the slips and poked them down somewhere else in soil to root.  

It is not time to harvest so I will not know which way did better but I will let you know.

I am making notes in the garden journal about when things bloom and when the lemons bloom it is time to harvest some onions.

The onions that were planted in the fall were starting to bulb.  

I have had issues growing onions in our area as I have always bought the onion bulbs or the small onion slips and planted them.  It seems that the store would sell the onions that grow well in our area but that is not always the case.  With more research I realized that these onions do better further north.

I am suppose to buy short day onions... Seems that since we live in the south and have a longer growing season we would grow the long day but they say we are supposed to grow the short day.  Hummm.....

One thing though, I can grow a mighty fine onion bloom.  Or at least I plant it and let it go and it will bloom for me.

This is about the best size onion I have been able to grow but I hope things are fixing to change...  I just planted some Vidalia onions. :)

Another thing Charles and I have learned is that we seem to do better with the veggies we grow in the fall and winter. 

Another thing we have learned is that the veggies that grow best are the gift plants.  The ones that we did not plant.  

Nature has a way of doing things better such as this tall dill plant. Some critter or strong storm blew seed maybe it was a bird but however it got planted in this tank it did well.  

One year we had a cilantro and a dill that got planted next to each other in our front yard.  They were very tall and full and at a very inconvenient place but we left them alone and let them do their thing and they did.

I want to tell you two things... One is about my last blog post I just did this Friday.  I think the title must have been the issue... It was called Cross the line and I think that might sound harsh but it was not intended to be. So I changed the title.   One of my dear blog readers was concerned that maybe something had happened to me to make me want to write that post but it was written concerned for others that are struggling.

I said, just draw a imaginary line across the floor and step over it and leave all that is bothering you behind and start over.  I literally did this one day a long time ago before Charles and I started living a more sensible life.  

I said if your troubled with debt then when you step over the line, just stop spending.  Do not charge anything else and that will be the day you start getting out of debt.  I add to that, once we do that and then start finding ways to cut expenses it can make drastic financial changes after you just get it going in the right direction. 

There are things that can be done to fix bad situations if we clear our mind and think of a better way.  Living a simple life can help that. 

The other thing I wanted to say is that I am hoping to get back to doing  youtube videos again.  The program I was using that came with my computer stopped working. I have purchased a new program and I am learning how to use it and I am putting together a new video that I will post as soon as I get it finished.  I will let you know here on my website when that is and those of you that have subscribed to my youtube channel should get a notification.  

This is the link to my youtube channel.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwvDHGSvne-N3pMyx_c3VOQ

I hope you are all well, Charles and I are doing good here, still looking forward to cooler weather.  Grandma Donna

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