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March 9, 2016

I cannot believe so much is going on outside since it is only early March. We are at the end of winter now and just a little less than two weeks until spring.

I thought I would give you a daily dose of Awwwwwww........

My daughter took these pictures of some young squirrels that have been coming out of their nest and venturing out into the yard.

Our backyard is narrow and long and it seems bigger than it is because of the odd shape and the way I put down paths all over the yard. The paths wind and twist and we have beds all throughout the yard.  

The trees are just starting to put out leaves and some of the vines and bushes remain green throughout all the seasons. 

Our walkway and patio need painting, it has been three years since we painted. 

I will take you on a short visit to see what we have been working on the last two weeks.

We have started cleaning out the beds and putting down hay. Also as shown about a week ago we have been potting vegetables which are doing very well. the green pots have potatoes.

Here is a look at one of our frames to keep the squirrels out of our vegetables. the side is hinged and the top raises and has posts to keep it up so we can reach in and work in the pots. This is the best way we have found to garden in a  yard that has trees and roots.

We are going to put drip irrigation to the pots and I will show you when we do that.

Close up these pots contain turnips, cabbage and broccoli.

We have been pulling weeds out of the gravel path too which is a big pain each spring and summer literally. We are going to put down some sod in some of the areas further out.

The underside of the arbor is in need of a spruce up. We will need to lift some of the vines and push them back up with supports.

This is carolina jasmine that is growing over this arbor.

The potatoes are emerging which is making my husband very happy.

The old tractor wagon garden is in need of a winter clean up.

Lettuce is emerging from the 4 right pots.

I planted some early cucumber and zucchini which are now showing.

Tomatoes are blooming. These tender plants are taken in during the night if the temperature drops down too cold however lately we have been quite warm.

This is lavender in a pot.

Oh so cute and that is why we do not need to put anything toxic on our yards.

I am back inside now and much to do since the gardening requires so much outdoor time.

Grandma Donna

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