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Victory Garden Fall Update

October 10, 2015

On August 3rd I posted this picture on our victory garden. I had just planted a fall garden and I planted some summer seeds too just to see what would happen.

We have been eating green beans, peppers and cucumbers that were planted in the picture above this one.

I would have  planted a lot more summer veggies if I had thought they would actually make another summer crop. So next year I will know.

The green beans have been making just enough to have some as a small side dish off and on.

The cucumbers are not bitter and have done very well.

We had two bell pepper plants from spring that started blooming again so now they are producing peppers.

Here is another one....

Some more beans on the opposite fence. 

The bean and cucumber vines tangled together.

The potted sage likes the cooler weather.

All spring we tried to grow squash and nothing would grow so now this small lone squash has appeared.  Sadly it will not get pollinated unless a bee shows up from somewhere else with pollen. :(

The fall plants are moving along slow but they have not died so that is a good thing. After I took this photo we fed the plants and watered. It is pretty dry right now. 

It is time to clean out the large pots with the older carrots that we did not harvest. We grow these for the rabbit to eat fresh carrot greens this time of year.

That is our victory garden update......

Grandma Donna


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