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Feb 25th update

February 25, 2014

We are planting in the front raised bed.

We are using garden pots to make a ring and then we plant inside that ring.

There are two reasons for this.  One it is a good way to keep an even space and the main reason is we use the pots to cover the plants if we get a drop in temperatures or heavy frost or freeze.  We know we will be dipping into the freezing temperatures for two nights so we will be ready.

The plants that have two or more stalks growing i soak them in water and tease them gently apart.  If you grow a plant with two or more it will not grow as well as it can by itself.  I always separate my plants.

Onions are planted between the plants.

We added the rolled plastic and clipped it to the edge of the raised bed frame.  We will put the pots down then pull the plastic over the top of the pots.  We could have put up hoops but we did not have the time and the pots and plastic will work with this 2 day cold spell. We have been in the 70's this week and will bounce back up to the 70's again after the 2 days dipping below freezing.  I will take pictures tomorrow of it covered.

These are the black pots ready to cover the bed. Seems like a lot of trouble but we have learned that if we make the effort and plant early then we get an early crop before the heat gets so bad.  Once the heat starts we have problems with the vegetables bolting and frankly I do better in cooler weather.

We finished the hoops over the third patio raised bed and have cut plastic to fit each one.

The onion sets are sprouting there in the middle.

This bed is doing good, this has spinach turnips and onions.  We had a cabbage to the right side there that is gone now because something has an appetite for cabbage.  Last year we had this problem growing regular head cabbage and had to give up growing it.  We have extra spinach that I will use to replant anywhere that something does not take.

We have two tomato plants, cucumbers and zucchini and bell peppers in waiting.  I am keeping them in a warmer area protected and will not plant them until some time in march.

I will update later.............

The pots are turned upside down and the cover is pulled over and clipped.  Now waiting for temperatures to dip back down to freezing briefly.  Come on spring......


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