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Feb 18th It aint pretty yet but....

February 18, 2014

The plants are starting to take root now and standing upright.

The onion sets in the center are emerging and the Chinese cabbage are looking good even though the temperatures are dipping and rising like a yo yo. We are actually expecting temperatures into the upper 70's this week only to go back to freezing next week. 

There are signs of spring.  These are daffodils emerging around our pecan tree.

The chives and mint is emerging from it's winter nap.

This is a Blackeyed Susan that has been growing through the winter.

We completed the front yard raised bed garden.  This area is where we have been growing squash, cucumbers and beans in containers along the fence and they have done well here because it is the only part of our yard that gets sunshine longer than six hours.  So we decided to put in a raised bed and if we keep it tilled good in between crops we hope that we can keep the roots out. 

One more thing about this bed is this wood is not treated and we know it will rot after 4-5 years but we do not want the treated lumber to leach anything toxic into our soil.

The potato bins are on the other side of the driveway.  

Everything looks so gloomy right now since it is winter but I know it will be much better soon. At least we are not snowed in like so many and if you are reading this and in a snowy area, there are things under all that snow that will be emerging beautifully soon so hang on!

We have vegetables on hold and have been going in and out from the sun to their warm place.  Some of our zucchini seeds sprouted this morning and it will be a good while before they get planted because they are a warm weather crop.

Today will be warm enough to give everything a good watering and feeding. I use organic liquid food in rain water.

I am planting the ginger today.  This is ginger from the grocery store that sprouted.  It can be eaten unlike the ornamental ginger. I will cover it with a layer of potting soil.

This is our experimental celery.  This has been sitting in this cup on our kitchen window ledge.  I cut off the bottom of some store bought organic celery and saved the bottom.  It looked like a plain disc and this spouted from the center and has been growing a couple of weeks.  Now I will plant it and see what happens.

I will keep you posted on what it does after planting in the dirt.

So here they sit, we will see later........

I will go now and eat my scrambled omelet.

More to come.........

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