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The photo is my son and myself. Now days you can get a photo made to look old like this one. This photo was taken when this was the new look.

Harry S Truman was president when I was born and world war II had ended. I grew up in a time when lunch was put in a brown paper bag and a sandwich was wrapped with wax paper. There was no such thing as pantyhose, we wore stockings that attached to the rubbery clippy things that attached to the girdle. Convenience stores were not common and when we took a trip we packed a picnic basket because many places did not have fast food. Highways had places to pull over and stop, some with picnic tables. Read more ....

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Comments On Article: Planting The Seed

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Fri Apr 28, 23 7:19 PM CST

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Fri Apr 28, 23 7:54 PM CST

What a beautiful post!  Your garden is marvelous, and I love seeing your table settings and food.  You have dishes that make me want to drop over for a cup of coffee or supper!  It really does remind me of simpler times.  I am 75, so I do remember how life was ...

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Fri Apr 28, 23 8:08 PM CST

so surprised how far ahead your garden is… mine isn’t planted yet because we still have frost!!! Gorgeous!!! 

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Fri Apr 28, 23 8:26 PM CST

Your garden is beautiful, Donna. And I am so impressed with your mulberry pies. I have never had mulberry pastry before, but it looks delicious. And good for you for learning how to make gluten free items for sensitive family members. I haven't ever done that, but I should probably learn to as well.

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Fri Apr 28, 23 8:49 PM CST

Very nice lattice pie crusts, gdonna. I love the look of them. Berry pies of any kind are my favorite; then apple. Cats often jump both high and low as a form of play. It can be quite amazing to watch.  As for the garden, mine is coming along.  I just planted tomatoes and peppers in my raised beds. I have sweet peas (flowers) in one of them and lettuces and radish in another. Potatoes are planted and just starting to come up. My apple trees are loaded with flowers, but we are supposed to be getting a bit of rain in the next day or two. I hope this does not mean warm, damp weather for very long. Fire blight and fruit tree fungus are not fun.

23 posts
Sat Apr 29, 23 9:16 AM CST

G’Donna, what a great photo of the lizard ;).  I laughed out loud.   And I am glad to see your garden growing. Ah, what have I been doing.  My house is sold and it closes 5/18 so I am packing.   I did a house clean out earlier this year, thankfully, since I have lived in this house 31 years and an amazing amount of items have arrived and stayed over that time!   Anyway, I am selling about 2/3 of my things in an estate sale, the rest will move to a townhouse I bought, one town away.  I am very excited to move and have a new home, but the packing is exhausting!   Once I get settled, I want to start a small patio garden this fall (I live in Arizona so fall and spring are the growing seasons).   I have high hopes of tomatoes ;).  

Edited Sat Apr 29, 23 9:16 AM by Hilogene O
15 posts
Sat Apr 29, 23 11:10 AM CST

overheard an herb expert doing a class at one of the local nurseries.  She said the only Lavender she has had success with down here is Spanish Lavender.  Since that was a few years ago I’ll be interested to see how yours does.  When I have tried it burns out in July.  We are now eating peas, lettuce, onions, carrots, and potatoes from our garden.  Beans are starting to make too.  I gambled on planting very early hoping all will be about down by the time we leave for CO in mid June.  Got tired of having to cover up potatoes during cold snaps!   Fingers crossed.   We went camping in Lagrange Georgia this weekend and learned a valuable lesson not to leave the light outside the camper door on for any time at night.  And plugging any tiny hole around the roof is essential and hard to do on a popup.   There was some kind of midge that was in hyper abundance at night.  Had about 10,000 of them inside the camper on the roof and above the beds.  And that is a conservative estimate.  Thankful they weren’t mosquitos and didn’t bother dropping on our heads at night.  Needless to say the hour before bed was exhausting as we attempted to kill as many as possible.   A hand vac and bug zapper were added to the camper inventory immediately the next morning 

22 posts
Sat Apr 29, 23 1:30 PM CST

Still nothing done on the garden. The person I tried to hire to help has been a no show. But I am close to selling off a piece of property. When that is done, I may look into a company that worked on a neighbor's place. They redid the yard and put in irrigation. I would like to be able to do something like that here, depending on the price.

25 posts
Sat Apr 29, 23 3:31 PM CST

I'm the caretaker of a nature preserve, so this time of year I'm very busy with work.  Digging out invasive Siberian squills while they are in bloom and easiest to spot, pulling garlic mustard (which also needs to get done during a narrow three week period in the spring) and patrolling for mushroom poachers, who do a lot of damage to the delicate forest floor biome when they get into the preserve.  I used to be able to do all of that and still keep up on the house and homestead, but this year I'm just feeling exhausted for some reason, and letting a lot of things slide.  It's too early for planting here (we had snow two days ago) but I should have the garden beds dug, trellises up, et cetera, and I don't.

11 posts
Sun Apr 30, 23 5:11 AM CST

It’s so comforting to see the flow of gardening across the world.  Your garlic, G Donna, is flowering in the USA while here in South Australia, I just planted half of my garlic today and will plant the rest tomorrow. I am planting lots of garlic this year so I don’t need to buy any.

Such a cute photo of your gecko. My little gecko family lives amongst my flowering pots near my dining room windows.

Enjoy the warming weather up top, while we down under are firing up the wood heaters!

10 posts
Tue May 02, 23 6:30 AM CST

wow! A tomato! I am just getting ready to pot up my tomato babies. Then hopefully they can go out in about two week. This is my first year starting tomatoes myself. Potatoes are in the garden and starting to come up. And we had our first salad from the garden the other day (lettuce and radishes). I honestly have been having a hard time putting into the garden like I want to..but I am always so thankful when I do invest the time and plant or start things.  Thank you for your posts

38 posts
Tue May 02, 23 6:27 PM CST

I agree ~ your garden is far ahead of ours.  My tomatoes are about 6" tall, but we are quite a ways north of you :-)  What a lovely spring time post.  Glad you two are well.

15 posts
Tue May 02, 23 7:10 PM CST

Those pies look amazing.  You are making me want to plant mulberry trees.  They grow well in our area.  The garden looks wonderful.  Feral cats can be scary.

244 posts (admin)
Wed May 03, 23 8:53 AM CST

Grandma Donna wrote,  I have been enjoying reading your posts.  The little Gecko has decided to take up residence on our back porch and yesterday when I went out he was hanging on to the side of the feral cats water bowl leaning in and drinking water.  I have dropped water drops on leaves during hot dry weather and they will lick them up.  We are not hot and dry, I think he is turning into a pet. Lol  

My tomatoes are this far along because I planted them very early and carried them in and out over and over.  It was a lot of work and honestly I don't know that I will do that again because they got very heavy.  However, I can start a second crop now and will have extra for canning.

The mulberry tree was gifted to us by a bird or critter planting that seed.  Learning to cook gluten free is definitely something that would be a good thing to learn because then we would have the skill to make something for someone allergic to gluten or a sensitivity to gluten.  Food allergies is a very difficult thing for people and causes them to not be able to socialize with people when the social event is based around food which most events are. 

Hilogene O, you have been very busy, I am happy for you that your house sold and you are on a new adventure. :)  

Dell O, I will keep you up on the lavender, I read up on these and they are "Supposed" to do well in this area.  They have started to grow bigger the last two weeks since transplanting into the ground and they have surprised me how well they are doing. Your camping trip sounds very adventurous. Now that I think about it, I cannot remember if we have ever had a camping trip that something eventful did not happen.  Lol

Terri P, I hope you close on that piece of property so you can find someone reputable and get that garden started.  

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Tue May 23, 23 12:11 PM CST

I enjoyed hearing about everyone's gardens. I only have half of mine in so far. I started most of everything from seed this year and have doubled the size of it, but we have had lots of mishaps outside of the garden that have just taken so much of our time. It always seems like something is breaking when your trying to get the garden in. 

The pies look delicious! I can't wait to plant mulberries and see how they do. I've started grinding the wheat for our family for all breads and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin with the mild psorasis that I have. I have been using Azure Standards organic white and red wheats in case anyone wanted a reference for some. My skin cleared up within a week. I thought it was maybe due to it not being as cold, but it did get cold and I was working outside a whole lot and no issues on my hands. I had been using King Arthur Flour before and another brand, but I can't think of the name at this moment. Hopefully that will help someone. I'm curious if anyone else has noticed a change in food or if you've made a change and noticed as well. 

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