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Comments On Article: Pizza, Hamburger, The Jar Of Canned Peaches Plus Update.

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Fri Mar 24, 23 4:03 PM CST

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Fri Mar 24, 23 5:54 PM CST

It's good to know that you have a bit more time before your surgery, but don't work too hard so as to save up some energy for recuperating.

59 posts
Fri Mar 24, 23 7:04 PM CST

Just out of interest Donna, how much are you paying for cauliflower where you are currently.

This week where we live they were $8.99 each NZ. 

244 posts (admin)
Fri Mar 24, 23 9:01 PM CST

Grandma Donna wrote, Karen S,  This week, Depending on which store we shop we can pay $3.86  WM- $5.99 PB depending on which store we shop. That is quite high there in NZ as many things seem to be.  It is high here compared to what it used to cost.

4 posts
Fri Mar 24, 23 9:20 PM CST

Donna the peach cobbler looks wonderful. Each year in August I buy a bushel of peaches and freeze or can them. Then in January for my birthday I make a peach cobbler or pie or something yummy with peaches. It's so much more tastier with 3 feet of snow on the ground. 

Thank you for your updates.  

18 posts
Sat Mar 25, 23 6:40 AM CST

Praying for great success and healing.  

Edited Sat Mar 25, 23 6:40 AM by Diana
23 posts
Sun Mar 26, 23 8:37 AM CST

I am really enjoying these posts, I can’t never predict the topics ;).  I have heard of cauliflower for a pizza crust, but have never seen one, so now I will try one.  And thank you for the peach cobble recipe, looks divine!   

40 posts
Mon Mar 27, 23 8:37 AM CST

I keep meaning to make a cauliflower crust.  Maybe this will inspire me to do it.  I normally use cassava flour to make a pizza crust, and it turns out pretty well.  My biggest pizza problem is I have to avoid tomatoes, so my pizzas just have cheese, vegetables and meat on them.  Once in great while I will break down and have tomato sauce on it - so good!  Do you still use wheat flour in your cobblers?

Good luck on your doctor appointments!

82 posts
Tue Apr 11, 23 6:25 AM CST

I love peach cobblers. I had never made a cobbler until almost 20 years ago. Now they are a regular. Please continue to keep us updated on the pacemaker. We're praying its a speedy recovery. The pizza looks delicious with the cauliflower crust. I'll have to try it.

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