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Comments On Article: Kitchen Redo

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Mon Feb 26, 18 3:11 PM CST

If you would like to share your comments for article Kitchen Redo, this is where to do it! 

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Mon Jan 09, 23 11:04 PM CST

I saw a January 1930 Saturday Evening Post advertisement with a husband who had just arrived home from a business trip, his suitcases by his feet in the living room, and he was amazed at how his wife had completely redecorated the room while he was gone with just paint and slipcovers, and did it all within her regular allotted budget! (There were impressive before and after pictures in the ad.) And then I saw a picture of a 1930's kitchen with brown wooden flooring like mine but a much more colorful kitchen, and I put the two together, the advertisement and the picture, and decided to redecorate our awful brown floor, brown cabinets, and brown wallpaint kitchen, on my allotted 1930's budget! :) The one thing I was worried about was turning the dark brown, stained cabinets into the beautiful medium-blue 1930's ones because I have never painted cabinets before. But here comes Grandma Donna flying in with her cape streaming out behind her and her big super "S" on her chest, knowing just how to do it! I am so glad I went looking for the "how to clean the inside of your oven glass" post, and found this one instead. :)

I might have questions. Not yet, not until spring when I can paint with the windows open and I have saved my money and bought my paint and new cabinet knobs. I know there is lots of advice on the internet, but often it contradicts or is too complicatedly professional. It's nice to have someone who has done it before share tips. I now feel much more confident about my inexpensive kitchen redecoration project because I know I have someone to turn to if I need to. :)

Edited Mon Jan 09, 23 11:10 PM by Stephanie G
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Tue Jan 10, 23 7:17 AM CST

Grandma Donna wrote, Stephanie G, the paint has held up well on the cabinets. I think that the correct paint for the painting job intended is best consideration. One thing to keep in mind is I came from a family and generation that white paint fixes anything. :)  

I a found a good latex semi gloss paint.  The one important tip I have is about the inside edge. Remove the doors off the cabinets and remove the hardware off the door. When you paint the doors, make sure to leave the underside of the inside edge of the cabinet door unpainted so when  you put your doors back on the cabinets, the paint will not stick with paint on paint when you open and close the door.  When painting your cabinet doors, if you get paint on the backside just clean it off or sand it off.  I have not had any issues. After painting the cabinets twice, different colors, and first time painting I was painting over knotty pine varnished wood which required sanding.  

People tend to rush through things today but take your time with the project and enjoy the process if you can.  If you need to sand before you paint then take the doors off and do all of that the right way.  Also sand lightly between coats of paint.  Getting started with a job is the main thing that stops us from doing something, once we start it will get rolling along. Overthinking can overwhelm and doing is the best learning.

I always purchase the small dot pads you find in the hardware section of Lowes or somewhere like that type of store and use those self sticking dot pads.  The dots go on the backside of the edge of the cabinet door so when it closes the pad keeps the door from sticking to the new paint.

I hope others that have painted their kitchen join in for comments. 

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Fri Sep 01, 23 8:21 PM CST
Helper G wrote:

If you would like to share your comments for article Kitchen Redo, this is where to do it! 

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Do you remember the name of this yellow paint, by chance? I really like it :)

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