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The Walking Flower

March 28, 2023

First off I would like to say that we are okay here where we live, storms have been very severe this past week in the southeast part of the country and they are continuing into this week.  I took this picture yesterday as the storms had pushed away and the clouds were beautiful.

I have continued to sort and organize and some things that were boxed up I am actually unboxing.  Less stored and if it is not something that makes us happy then it goes away.  I decided to lay out some doilies and things I have of my mother's and put them on top of the sewing machine which used to be her machine.  She loved music boxes so these two music boxes bring me happiness. Her crystal pitcher that she kept pens and what nots in and so do I. 

Sunday we had pork roast, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts.  I love this meal.  The plate is one of our small vintage railroad plates.

The tomato plants have grown so much they are getting too big to bring in and out, with the storms so intense we have had to put them next to the house and we turned tomato rings upside down, bent their legs backwards and zip tied them to the pots.  Even against the house the wind has been hard on them.  Our biggest concern has been the hail threat.  These tomato plants have truly have a story to tell.

I think they will be blooming soon. We ran out of rings so we will purchase more this week.

Inside the house we have our own walking flower.  Our sunflower Bernadette.  This time of year her allergies get bad and she has chewed a sore on her side.  We go through this each spring and we have tried everything but she always ends up at the vet getting a shot.  We also put pajamas on her but she can take them off herself.  We have not found a single flea on her so who knows what it is. 

When we have electrical storms we unplug everything in our house that can be unplugged.  With the trees around us and whatever reason it is we have had several pops through our house taking out lamps, routers and such.  So now we go on automatic and just unplug all we can and this way we do not have to replace anything and many things that we have cannot be replaced such as some of our vintage lamps.  

So yesterday during an electrical storm, I sewed curtains on my treadle machine using a solar bulb on top of a glass for lighting.  The storm was so heavy that is was very dark inside the house. 

My foot pedal treadle is 1923 so it is quite pitted and banged up but it runs wonderful.  As I was sewing to the end I thought I would show you how to end the thread since there is no reverse on the treadle machine.  You simply go to the end and turn the fabric, sew a few stitches and turn and come back again.  

I also pull a little extra thread out before cutting it off and tie the ends. In school when I took Home Economics they taught us to tie off our ends. 

Will probably do some more sewing today as there is predicted to be more storms and I am getting this post off early because I do not know when I will need to unplug.  We have lost several internet routers in storms so that has to be unplugged as well.  

As you see we are getting back to eating our familiar meals and life is so much better when we can cook what we are used to and this is because we have reclaimed much of the house since we are winding down with the organizing. 

Yesterday I started typing more of Sarah's diary and got to the second week of April so I might have time to type some more today and post it in a few days. What takes so long is reading and understanding her handwriting to be able to type it out. 

I hope things are going well with you, I would love to know what your regular and often made mealsare, also, what do you normally eat for breakfast?   Grandma Donna

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