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Peppers Onions and Eggs and our Tiny Victory Garden

August 25, 2015

I took a morning stroll around the yard after breakfast of peppers onions and eggs.

Peppers onions and eggs are very good, all you have to do is saute sliced peppers and onions until the onions start to turn translucent. 

Remove the peppers and onions from the pan after they are cooked and using the leftover oil add a pat of butter and pour beaten eggs (using a fork) into the pan and cook scramble eggs.

It makes a lovely breakfast and very colorful. Toast, jam, peppers, onions and eggs.

I did a posting called Our Victory Garden at the beginning of August. On August third I planted some seeds so that we could have a fall garden. It has been 22 days now since I planted turnip, carrot, spinach and broccoli seeds and this is what the garden looks like now.

We do not have much space for a garden so we have a tiny garden. It is very difficult to grow anything in the ground because the tree roots find their way and suck the moisture and nutrients out of our soil. But we manage to grow a little bit of something every year.

These pictured above are the turnips that I planted from seed. They are the size to thin now and I am transplanting the seedlings to the area that broccoli should have come up.

 We are growing the turnips for their root to put in winter soups and stews. Our garden is very small but it is better than nothing. If you have only a small spot and cannot grow a lot of anything, grow a small amount of something to put in stir fry or soup.

Last year we grew turnip roots inside cement blocks holes.

We had a pretty decent harvest and they made good stews. So there is hope for this tiny victory garden.

The summer basil looks bad but it is not because it has been shedding dried seeds.

Those seeds are now sprouting new basil which I will transplant in pots and try to keep them growing in a warm area through the winter. Basil cannot take a frost or freeze so I will have to keep them indoors when it nears cold weather.

Here are some more coming up next to the carrots.

Speaking of carrots, here are the short rows of carrots which should grow through the fall and winter. These are just coming up so there is not a lot to see.

This is sage growing next to the fence.

A pepper plant still producing.

This is large spring cilantro that did well in the spring then died off during hot weather after it bolted. I left it there so the seeds would fall off and grow new cilantro next spring. That is what they have done for the last three years.

Chives, I have a large pot in our backyard, these are just a small amount in the tiny garden.

The beans have started running up the fence, there are more on the other side of the garden. If these make we will pick what little we make to put in stir fry. Again nothing much to see because it has only been 22 days since planting the seed.

These are zinnia's and they are just about to finish up their season.

The only  blooming coneflower left in the yard, I know that a new season will be coming.

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