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Harry S Truman was president when I was born and world war II had ended. I grew up in a time when lunch was put in a brown paper bag and a sandwich was wrapped with wax paper. There was no such thing as pantyhose, we wore stockings that attached to the rubbery clippy things that attached to the girdle. Convenience stores were not common and when we took a trip we packed a picnic basket because many places did not have fast food. Highways had places to pull over and stop, some with picnic tables. Read more ....

Lil's Diary February 15 - 21 & Lena's Diary February 8 - 21

February 14, 2022

I want to mention here that Charles and I have been very busy and my regular posting will be a few days late this week.  Charles took some time off work so we could do some clean up on a family members property and we are not finished with the work.  We are not as fast as we used to be and so I will be back with this weeks posting in a few days.

We are back to reading our two diaries.  The first diary reading is Lil and Bob in the year 1943.  Both in their 70s and Bob does yard work around the area they live and also does war duty at the watch tower on top of a hotel, watching for war planes.  I am doing weekly readings with both diaries through this year of 1943.

Monday Feb 15.  Fine and no frost.  Made a meat loaf.  The Marshalls here in afternoon & eve -  Judy has chickenpox. 

Tuesday Feb 16. Cloudy & rain in P.M. Bob home Early 1:50 P.M.  Sent B. Card and letter to Kate.

Wednesday Feb 17.  Fog in Early a.m. Clear by noon.  Helen up to see us.  Closed store, 1st time to see her since Christmas.  

Thursday Feb 18.  Cloudy in a.m.   Bob home early. Moved fig tree, heck of a job.

Friday Feb 19.  Fine day.  Cared for Judy while Ruth went to Doctor.  Bob done shopping, home at 2:30. 

Saturday Feb 20. Nice Day.  Cleaned home.  Bob home - 2:40.  Letter from Helen.  Elizabeth's baby girl came at C. Hospital on 18th. 

Sunday Feb 21. Light rain all day.  Bob up at watch tower.  Home with a chronicle at 10:15 a.m.

This concludes this weeks diary reading.  We will be back next week.  Now on to our reading of Lena's Dairy.

We now pick up on Lena's dairy. Monday, Feb 8, 1943

As we read along on this diary, keep in mind that Lena does not have a car and the places she goes is on foot.  She is a widow and Richard is her son. 

25 above.  The sun almost shines but more snow coming down.  Did my washing and had trouble with electric cord and blew out the fuse, anyway after I fixed the plug could hitch on over the sink to wring out the clothes.  Richard put in a fuse and the refrigator started again .  Took out ashes afternoon and this forenoon that Id be smart and used the wedges to split two big chunks of waste wood.  Had to lie down this P.M. intended to go over street.

Tuesday Feb 9.  Not very cold, I'm all in again today but took in the clothes and got them ready to iron.  Opened a can of salmon and made an apple tapioca pudding.  Had to lie down seem to be completely exhausted.  Hope I can go over street this P.M.  Richard went out 2:30 he was going to wax floors. 

Wednesday Feb 10.  Zero degrees.  Cold morning. but I did not wake up til 8 O'clock.  Getting lazy and can sleep so well.  Picked up around made a batch of cup custards then did my small ironing.  Had bacon & Eggs for dinner and cake and cut my oranges for desert.  Went over street P.M. and did a little shopping and took my defense card down to Runa.  I want to make something for the Red Cross and hope I can. Gave Mrs. Crew .50 cts for the lodge and got Richard 4 fair sox but forgot coffee I need, so will go again tomorrow and get it. 

Thursday, Feb 11, 34 degrees today.  This is a warm day but rather inclined to rain but decided to snow 6 P.M. guess we will have plenty of it, keeps on.  I took 51 gallons of oil and there must have been some in the bbl.  Then I had 5 gals in all reckoning what was in the bottle on the stove which I began at 8 O'clock this a.m.  We will have to plan someway next Summer. 

Friday Feb 12.   The banks were closed but everything else was open.  I went over and did a little shopping after I had ordered as I forgot a few things.  I bot a lb of coffee on this period stamp number 25.  I must time myself as I began tonight and must last 3 weeks.  ( She is talking about coffee rationing)  .Got a .98 cts house dress at Newburgs and will exchange and get a better one, too small.  Sleepy and must go to bed.

Saturday Feb 13. 3 above  Kind of cold but warmed up in the afternoon and snowed a little.  I called up a Mr. Bernick who adv. oil drums and he brot one this noon and I had to have a faucet.  He took it down cellar and fitted the faucet. 7 Lat is his business he says col lil drums and apple boxes etc. and selling them  I expect he makes a lot as he asks $3.00 for bbl and faucet $1.25.  Thot id go out but felt tired after I was thru but realy didn't get thru as I stuffed a chicken Mr. Cook brot yesterday.  I am glad it was a small but it good. 

Sunday Feb 14.  23 above.  Cold tonight and it must have grown a lot colder as there is a new moon and it came out, but has been snow squalls must all day snowed last ight some 4 or 5 inches as it was about that on the roof.  Id like to go to that picture tomorrow as I have to go over to do errands.  The last blossom on my largest Christmas Cactus is  gone by and has been in bloom ever since Christmas 5 to 10 blooms at a time. 

Monday Feb 15.  This is a record 16 below zero and this P.M. at 3 O'clock it was 2 below.  I looked tonight about 9 and it was 14 below..  I couldn't bring myself to wash at the machine was out in the back hall so I dragged it in the kitchen which will make it much easier and I must wash tomorrow.  Planned to go over street this P.M. but no had the courage but went down and sawed and split wood quite awhile.  Kept a fire all the forenoon in the wood stove.  The wind blew making it colder took out ashes. 

Tuesday Feb 16. 36 degrees below zero.  This was the coldest morning I think I've ever known here but no wind and a bright Sun all day.  I did my washing and was much better having the machine in the kitchen and I didn't go out to dry the clothes but put them on the clothes bars over the furnace and they are all nicely dried with no freezing.  I have to make things as easy as I can.  Went over street and mailed a letter to cousin Edith and paid the tele and elec. light bills and changed the dress I got at Newburg's and paid more. got a better one had to get all if not as Im most out of butter. 

Wednesday Feb 17.  Cold but only 1 below as I saw it.  Should be quite a change. Richard came down 3 O'clock I had lighted the fire and had a burner on all night, so it was quite warm I expect in the kitchen.  Ill be glad when this cold spell lets up on Richards account.  He works too many hours but I don't know as I can do anything about it.  He really doesn't have to.  Im thinking of buying a $5.00 bond next, we will see. (that is a war bond she is talking about)

Thursday, Feb 18.  This is a cold morning 10 below but a bright Sun. I couldn't get any meat this morning but bacon and 1/2 lb liver and no beef or pork in sight. Smiths closed down today but that they might get a car in a day or 2.  Tuesday morn Johnsberry 65 below (zero) Woodstock 50.  It is thawing from the roof more 12 m. temp 22 Our neighbors next door froze up again they open up the cellar and put in fuel. We only take in oil and try not have it the coldest.  The groceryman brot potato but came straight along he said  Got 3 lbs sugar this afternoon. ( With our study we remember there is a sugar ration stamp she has to use.)

Friday Feb 19.  20 above but dull and gloomy.  The chain stores are not limiting the sale of canned goods.  Signs of no limit are up.   No meat in sight yet.  I got fish again today, had fried ocean perch yesterday but will have fish tomorrow. Had bacon and eggs today and made a Royal vanilla pudding, think I can make a better one but has to be sweetnted.  Should have gone over and stocked up with canned goods but did not feel good to do it.  My  refigator has been foundering, must have it fixed. 

Saturday, Feb 20, 22 above.  Warmer and hope it will last as we have had a lot of cold weather.  Ballad School craft and he is sending a man this P.M. Well the man came at 5 o'clock and did a good job but i gave up going over to get the canned stuff. Think we will get along with what we have for week then we are rationed.  Think we will get along with what I raised and push vegetables. They had no meat in sight yet. 

Sunday Feb 21, 38 degrees.  Much warmer today.  I had fried oysters for Richards dinner and I had fried pork and egg.  There is plenty we can eat.  Made an apple tapioca. Richard has been having the grip but worked just the same.  Miss Shaw called tonight, I was glad to see her.  Must call over there. 


End of this weeks reading, will see you back next week with the readings and remember, this weeks regular post will be a few days late.  Happy Valentine's Day!   Grandma Donna

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