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Diary Readings December 3-9 - 1943

December 1, 2022

We continue the 1943 diary readings of Lil and Bob and Lena and her son Richard.  I type the diaries as they are written including mispelling.

We are getting close to the end of these diary readings.  We will be starting our new History project taking us into the great depression times starting January 1, 2023.  I will be doing readings from new diaries for the new study.

We continue this weeks reading with Lil's diary pictured above.

Friday, December 3, 1943. Nice day - Worked Nuco and hashed up the last of the turkey - Up town with Bob to shop.

Saturday, December 4.  Some sun and light sprinkle of rain at noon - then sunshine.  Bob home at 1:30 Done some mending on Bobs sweaters.

Sunday, December 5.  Not a very nice day  Slept late  - Bob up for a chronicle - Burned some leaves in P.M.

Monday, December 6.   Fine but cold 32 degrees - Done the washing & raked the lawn.  Bob cut all the lawns-

Tuesday, December 7.  Very fine - Raked and burned leaves Emma over with cookies - Bob cleaned sink drain pipe.

Wednesday, December 8. Fine day - With Nancy in A.M. Done some watering -  Up town to shop while Bob had car serviced-

Thursday, December 9. Fierce wind all night & all day, much damage all thro the country Done the ironing-

This ends this weeks diary reading of Lil and Bob.  Now on to read Leana's diary.

We continue the reading of Lena and her son Richard. The actual diary pictured above.

Friday, December 3, 1943.  Wrote to Ronald and sent him 5 cards of different places went to West Leb. and got cheese such as it was and a few other things a mackerel & macronnie   posted Ronalds letter.  Forgot to tell him about Stanghton Knight being over there.  He might run across him.  Pearl was over a little while.

Saturday, December 4.  A busy day.  Did a little shopping at Public Market.  Hamburg bread lettuce.   Washed the front room and kitchen and waxed both.  Cleaned up in good shape.  Stuffed the chicken for tomorrow.

Sunday, December 5.  Started my fire 7:30 and put the chicken on to steam pretty early for a year old hen but it was non too brown and that Id bake some beans as I had to have a fire so I can have some if I want them.  Washed my hair after dinner and was it dirty hadn't washed it since I got home and long before I expect.  Wrote to Geneva and Fred.  Must make out my list for Christmas Cards.

Monday, December 6.  Cold day and I did my small washing and dried most of it in the house over the furnace it is an ideal place.  Had a letter from Eunice and posted one from or to Fred and one to Geneva.  Went shopping and had a heavy lug home called at P. Market and found velveeta so came home and got Richards points and got a 2 lb box 20 pts .70 cents.  Got nuco 6 pts. and a glass of Kraft spread 2 points so 28 points gone and we had 40 pts but I still in both books 10 pts Saw towns Sargent at Nuberry's.

Tuesday, December 7.  Did odds & ends just got my clothes ready to iron finished drying and sprinkled.  Finished the last apron and my machine doesn't run very well.  Fixed some more of those bags for towels just squared them off.  Richard was invited out to dinner and I guess he enjoyed his dinner had steak and coconut cream pie and Im glad he enjoyed it.   I had bacon & egg made chocolate ice cream and made me a bread pudding which Im very fond of  I went over to Halls and got a Globe then came right back all I got.  Kind of cold but I mind the walking. 

Wednesday, December 8.  Holds quite good Winter weather and our snow still holds.  Guess Winter has started for good but not awfully cold.  Did my ironing and (she just stopped writing here)

Thursday, December 9.  Went to West Lebanon and got a whole haddock 65 cents Weight I think 3 1/2 pounds.  C.C bread and tea etc.  Didn't have anything to please Richard and he has heart burn.  Makes him cross. 

I wish we were not leaving this weeks diary with Richard cross but her writing is back to normal for Next weeks readings. :) 

See you next week, Grandma Donna

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