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Between the Storms

April 3, 2023

In between storms we have been working on projects in and around the house.  The yard needed a major clean up and we have been making new garden beds.

These are our yard work rockers.  

Inside I have been sewing curtains and doggie collars. 

The girls collars were very worn and I have been needing to take the time to sit down and make new ones.  Here is Bernadette's new collar and as you can see the green one above was completely worn out.  It lasted for several years.  

The large magnolia tree next door shares some of it's limbs and flowers on our side and I absolutely love them. 

I cannot wait until they are all open and the fragrance is wonderful.

One of my mothers favorite plants was a geranium and so now I have my own geranium plant that I have nursed and cared for for many years.

I better get my canning jars and canner ready because the mulberries are plentiful. 

I am in awe of the apple tree.  We never had one in our yard  until about three years ago when we planted this one.  Last year we had one apple from this tree, this year there is a minimum of 20 apples and it is so special to go out in the yard and see apples growing on a tree.  We purchased one that is better for the south and I cannot remember the name but I just realized that the nursery might have the name of it on their computer.

We are working on cleaning out the beds, it is early spring and there are many weeds to pull.  We made a new potted garden area that we are still working on and Charles thought William was lonesome so he moved him to the new potted garden and I do think that he is happier out here.  Now I get to see him when I look out our kitchen window.  He sits under the fig tree. 

Heather is now in the blueberry patch waiting for us to finish cleaning this area.  I think she wants to stay there because she has not moved. :)

Charles put up a small shelf above the bread box and I have started using it for my frequently used glass items.  I am at that point in my life that climbing up and reaching into the cabinets is not something that I want to do. 

Todays main meal was pork and onions, sweet potatoes and stewed cabbage. 

Charles has taken some time off from work so we can get our spring cleaning done.  We have some painting to do outside and some of this yard work I am talking about, so this is my simple post because it has been quite busy here.

We had a tornado in our city today, it has been quite a bad several weeks for severe storms. If you are going to have a tornado I guess you would say ours was a more simple tornado but not to the people that had damage.  Several days ago tornadoes ripped through Arkansas and other states.  I heard that a very large tornado had hit Little Rock Arkansas and my heart did a flip.  I remember my brother saying to me that he and my sister-in-law were going to Little Rock to visit her sister and brother.  My mind went racing trying to remember what days they would be there.  So I quickly called him and his voice was very rattled and I knew right away he had been there with the tornado.

He said he was having a difficult time calming down to talk, it was terrible there and they were okay but the city was not.  Just around the corner where he had just washed his car and shopped some stores had been hit by the tornado and they were gone.  I do not know why there are so many large tornadoes now. 

 We really need a storm shelter here but they are so very expensive. We did get into our storm closet today when the tornado warnings went off. Charles and I, our doggies, Catherine, Elizabeth, Bernadette and our cockatiel, all packed into this tiny closet, Charles and I sat on stools at each side of the closet and the girls laid at our feet and bell was in my lap. 

The girls are trained to go into the closet when I say loudly "Hurry".  They will run to the closet.  They were being very good laying still.  I was sitting on a stool taking this picture and Charles had just gotten up from his stool to go check to see if it was safe to come out.  We have a piece of foam against the wall that we use on a fold out bed.  I figure any kind of extra padding would help.  Belle was in my lap in her emergency cage and I had a pillow on top I was resting my arms on. 

I will end this post here.  I hope you all are safe from storms.  We are all in different locations and having different kinds of weather.  Do you have a safe place to go to or have other preparations for any kind of severe weather?  Are you prepared if you have to evacuate?

Grandma Donna

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