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Laundry delicates small items and conserving water

August 4, 2014

My husband and I have been trying to do better at conserving water and I thought I would pass along one of my laundry tips.

I have two types of jars, glass and plastic.  I really do not like using plastic but so many things are plastic it is hard to get away from it.  For me washing small or delicate items is easier in plastic due to the fact I have less strength in my hands and arms as I did when I was younger.

This is a camisole that I am washing.  Normally most people would simply wash this in a sink but if you are washing more than one thing such as bras, baby socks, baby bibs, or anything small you can really get them clean by shaking them in a jar with a small amount of laundry soap.

I would suggest letting your items soak for a bit before shaking and another good thing about washing this way is if you need to bleach a few items and only want to use a small amount of bleach this would be a good way to do this.

If you have two jars, (these are half gallon glass jars) you can put wash water in one and rinse in another. 

This is a summer cotton sleeveless blouse that I am washing.

It does not take much water to wash this way and you can work out your upper body at the same time. This would work for camping and washing socks, undergarments and dish rags.

If you wash items in a container instead of a sink you have the option to re-use the water for other purposes such as flushing the toilet or watering plants if you have used environmentally friendly products.

Just thought I would pass along this tip from Grandma Donna

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