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How I wash a small amount of lettuce

June 17, 2014

There are times when the lazy bug bites and preparing a simple salad for lunch gets put off for something less healthy. Some of us have painful days and we just don't feel like cleaning a big mess in the kitchen. I feel that lettuce must be washed thoroughly but doing so requires a few large items that would have to be washed. 

 My solution was to scale down the use of pans and such by using a quart canning jar.

Lettuce down in the jar and salt on top. (for two people just add more lettuce)

Fill the jar with water

Shake the jar and the salt will make a slightly soapy cleaning agent and soften the lettuce so any little bug or things will release from the lettuce.

Turn it upside down with your hand cupped to hold the lettuce in the jar and drain.

Now start over but this time put a tablespoon or so of white distilled vinegar and fill with water and shake and drain again.  The vinegar will clean and crisp up the lettuce.

After draining again you do it one or two more times with clear water and you should have very clean lettuce.

This salad is freshly washed lettuce with a small slices of leftover baked pork from last nights supper, sliced and chopped cucumber, onion and olives.  I topped it off with a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing.  It was quick and easy and very few dishes to wash.

Hope this helped, Grandma Donna


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