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keeping it real gardening is hard work

February 3, 2014

 Since I started my website I post pictures of our garden and things we grow.  But I pretty much leave out the hard parts of how we got it this way and just show the results.  

Last year was a very hard year for me.  I had surgery in the spring and did not rebound all year.  I would go out for only a few minutes then head back to the house for air conditioning.  I was really down and I had to give up on gardening and the yard and just let it go.  The entire yard turned into a disaster.  One storm after the next, high winds downed limbs, hail.

This was summer beans year before last.

So here it is 2014 and the weather has been just wacko.  We live in zone 8 and for the last six years or so the summers have been burning up, drought for several years, then last year, the year my health was down, it rained a good bit.  But I was house bound. Even in the drought we managed a few years go grow a good bit of vegetables but it took a lot of work and a lot of water.

The end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 has been bitterly cold for the south.  I decided it was time to start blogging again about gardening and discussing the things we did right and wrong as we try to grow food in our small yard and mostly in containers. 

This picture was taken before my surgery and all was well.  Then everything had to stop.

Yes it is winter when this is taken but in the winter we still kept things tidy.

Our yard is truly a disaster!  I never dreamed it could look this bad but I simply have not had the strength to pick up a rake or limb much less anything else.

When the side yard was flourishing with vegetables.

The side yard now.

Around the sweet gum tree when things were good.

Around the sweet gum tree now.

The keyhole garden and extra tub add on because the overflow of veggies

The keyhole now. We did pick a carrot today and gave it to our bunny Sugar.

We tried to keep the aloe from freezing using furniture blankets but the freeze was too much.  It had gotten too large to carry in a shelter.  I did pull some out for just in case and put it in a small pot and put it in the bunny house so I can start over.

This is what it did look like and  It was a beautiful plant.

So now you can understand why my last two articles have been on the down side of what I normally post about.


I am taking charge again!  I have made decisions no matter how long it takes me to do something I will prevail! I decided I am tired of short old lady haircuts and am letting my hair grow long enough to cover my neck wrinkles! I am making change no matter what!

Spring will be here before we know it and I will be posting how I am coming along in the garden with the clean up.

So today I started here. I raked out an area and started pulling weeds that survived the freeze.  That is all I could do but then there is tomorrow.

For all the current news on what is going on in our yard for this current year look at the new section at the right hand side of the page. It says; g. Donna's 2014 Garden Blog

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