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Comments On Article: Take The Time To Plant The Seed

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Mon Apr 15, 24 1:50 PM CST

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26 posts
Mon Apr 15, 24 2:31 PM CST

Hopefully things will soon settle down for you both

64 posts
Mon Apr 15, 24 3:28 PM CST

The garden looks great.  I'm finishing the winter/spring plants (I'm in Florida) and getting ready for what summer planting I do.  I also prefer fall planting, and since I'm in 8b-9, I can plant things like lettuce in the winter.  I keep frost covers handy and they make it.

I have a water trough planter that I will move to my new garden spot.  I also am deciding where to rotate things in my different raised beds.   I don't want to plant cukes and squash in the same spots.  I haven't been planting tomatoes, since they are a little hard for me to eat these days.   I've taken to covering squash and cucumbers at night, and it seems to help with insect infestation, at least so far. I just use my frost covers to do this. 

My figs have barely started growing, but I'm getting the first ripe berries.

You and Charles have a lot to do.  I admire you for tackling all this work.  Best of luck, and may the mild weather hold longer than usual.  I'm not ready for the heat, either.

1 posts
Mon Apr 15, 24 4:33 PM CST

I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. Bingley.  I have a few stray cats around, too, and it hurts my heart when they get sick or pass away.  I know you will miss him.

It sounds like you've made some good progress at Madge's house.  And how wonderful about your grandson getting married!  Looks like it was a lovely reception!

I hope to plant a few vegetables in containers this year. I'm also a heart patient, so I can't really work a traditional garden, but I can do a little container gardening.  I live in Mississippi, so the weather is just perfect for that now. 

2 posts
Mon Apr 15, 24 5:01 PM CST

You and Charles have experienced so much loss this past year. I’m so sorry to hear of Mr. Bingley’s passing. You took such good care of the proud fellow.

We moved in December so will have to start over with gardening. We hope to plant some fruit trees, but will need to wait until next year most likely. We have some drainage issues and that can affect the their success.

I’m a long time reader but this is my first time to comment. Your blog (and the comments) is my favorite.

48 posts
Mon Apr 15, 24 5:03 PM CST

I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. Bingley.  It was kind of you to at least try to help him, poor kitty.

Your garden looks amazing as usual!

One could say I'm reverse-gardening here these days.  I've been busy all spring removing non-native invasive plants like English ivy, Siberian squills and multiflora rose from my woods.  It's absolutely exhausting, but kind of satisfying work.  I am planting some native crampbark and dockmackie bushes in areas where I dig out multiflora rose, so that's sort of like gardening.  Maybe someday they will even make berries I can eat.

79 posts
Mon Apr 15, 24 5:31 PM CST

You and Charles have had so much happening in your lives. Was pleased Charles could take a week vacation and you both feel happy with what you achieved.

Mr Bingley had a good life with you. He knew you cared for him.

What a joyous occassion having your grandson get married. Happy memories.

We've planted 1 apple tree and 1 more to put in yet, a lemon and a grapefruit. I have a gooseberry to plant, the passionfruits been potted into a large pot, I just sorted my garlic this morning. Some to plant out. I grow them in 6 cell punnets first then transplant them into the garden. They always have huge roots doing it that way. Many vegetables to plant. Been weeding. The farm we live on has peach trees ( 3 different types) and feijoa, apples and plums, 2 large old beautiful orange trees. I'm the only one who uses the fruit and there is the 3 of us-- my husband, me, the landlord...... and I preserve for us and our landlord 50:50 as they are his trees. I cannot stand waste.

I attend a crop swap from time to time.. no money exchanges... And some people grow and make amazing things.

Thank you for your post Donna. It was very encouraging.

Karen NZ

22 posts
Tue Apr 16, 24 2:57 AM CST

So sorry to read about Mr Bingley :( I do remember you speaking fondly about him.

It's good your making progress on Madge's house and feeling a bit more on top of it all. 

Thank you for the lovely Spring pictures of your garden :) It looks so lush !!

Here in NZ it's Autumn, there are a few straggly Figs and apples left and still carrots, kale, silverbeet, lettuce, tomatoes in the garden. We did well with Nashi Pears this year. They do quite well just stored in our spare fridge (cold storage). I just take a few out at a time as I like to eat them for breakfast. The deciduous trees are looking so pretty with shades of red, orange and brown.

Many blessings to you and Charles Donna ~ Linda

12 posts
Tue Apr 16, 24 3:00 AM CST

Thank you for another interesting post, life gives and takes away doesn’t it with the celebration of your grandson’s wedding and the sad passing of Mr Bingley.

We are in spring  here in the UK, so far I have planted tomato, courgette and salad leaf seeds but they are sitting on the cottage windowsills as it’s still too cold for them to go outside. The potatoes are being chitted ahead of planting out soon.We are eating the last of the purple sprouting broccoli and the curly kale but that’s about it from the garden.

Fruit wise we just have an apple tree, no tiny apples yet but the blossom looks lovely but won’t last long in the rough winds we are currently experiencing.

36 posts
Wed Apr 17, 24 4:21 PM CST

I bought berry bushes from Burpees and a couple of figs. I have some plants from Tractor Supply but no idea how many will grow. I have a new Mantis tiller to see if I can get something planted this year. I haven't started anything inside but we are finally warm enough here to get started.

I am sorry about Mr Bingley. My own stray, Mr Trouble, actually wanted to have a home again. I'm pretty sure he's not feral, but he wants to be able to go inside and back out. He likes to come in, eat and get petted in the morning. He's fighting some abscesses again, so may need a trip to the vet. Would like to get him neutered and chipped.

22 posts
Wed Apr 17, 24 7:48 PM CST

Another wonderful post.  You always inspire me.  I planted numerous sunflower seeds up at the cabin, yesterday.  My neighbor gave them to me.  She suggested I just throw them out into the soil, which I did.  I think the robins were watching me, and will probably munch on some of them.  I love seeing the photos of all that you are growing.  My herbs, strawberries, roses, and lilacs are all coming back to life.  It is so rewarding to have the garden bloom in Spring.  Please be careful with the lifting; I worry about you.  Eight hours of sleep sounds great...

6 posts
Sun Apr 21, 24 6:07 AM CST

Spring has sprung in western Maryland. I've started sowing seeds for spring crops like peas, lettuce, and radishes. These are grown in raised beds. Soon we must rototill the big garden and get it planted, too. We're a family of10 and the garden really helps the grocery budget.

Thank you, Donna, for posting. My husband is out of work due to unexplained knee pain and things have been difficult. Your blog is a comfort.

107 posts
Thu Jul 04, 24 12:20 PM CST

Sorry to hear about Mr. Bingley. I remember a post years ago where you showed he was watching you in a bedroom window I think it was. He was grateful for the care for many years I'm sure.

Congratulations to Sean and his wife on their wedding. What a beautiful setting. 

The flowers and garden and lovely.

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