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Comments On Article: Diary Of Sarah, May 8 -14 1932

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Mon May 08, 23 12:16 PM CST

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Mon May 08, 23 2:18 PM CST

Well, I am glad that Sarah got a good nap in, although she probably only gets one on Mother's Day!

I sounds as though she cooks dinner and supper every day.  With her children (at least some of them) living so close why do you suppose she never seems to be invited to their house for a meal once in awhile?  Especially since she seems to be feeding a whole lot of them most of the time.

I sort of feel sorry for her working so hard but she might just be one of those industrious people (like you Donna) who enjoy being busy and accomplishing things most all the time.  I would feel better about her if she did some reading, embroidery, knitting, or quilting just for the enjoyment of it.

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Wed May 10, 23 2:10 PM CST

They seem to have a lot of sweets.  I would have thought that sugar would be too precious to bake so many cakes and pies, and dip marshmallows (did she make or buy the marshmallows, I wonder?).  I would love to know her grocery lists, routine chores, and detailed menus.  I suppose there was simply no room and perhaps no time to write all that.  I have noticed that when I journal, which I do off and on, I don't write out the everyday stuff like what kind of laundry detergent I'm using (homemade), our weekly menu or how I shop, I suppose because I assume everyone knows that sort of thing already and it would be boring.  But now, I'm thinking I need to write out the details now and then.  Think how interesting it would be to us if Sarah had done so.  Still, in the limited space she has, I think she does really well.

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