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Comments On Article: The Diary Of Sarah April 17 - 23 1932

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Sat Apr 15, 23 6:24 AM CST

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Sat Apr 15, 23 10:07 AM CST

I remember making my first pie which was only about 5 years ago. I was shocked at the time an apple pie took to make, but it was on my bucket list. LOL.  I can't fathom making 5!!!! I'd be there till the next day. LOL

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Tue Apr 18, 23 9:53 AM CST

I feel for Sarah, carrying on with a hurt back.  It makes me wonder how that ended for her.  Did it heal?  Was she in pain for years?  I hope it healed.  Apparently she is expected to carry on with her usual chores in spite of the pain.   

She's also still rolling out those pies, which seems as though it would hurt her back.  I assume she has those fruits for the pies from the previous year's canning.  I'd be interested to see how much sugar, if any, she uses in the pies, beyond what was added to the fruit during canning.  Sugar was not a food everyone could afford to use where my parents were living during the Depression.

I also assume she is using lard in her pies.  Perhaps I've just forgotten, but I can't recall her mentioning processing butter.  Did I miss that?

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Tue Apr 18, 23 12:11 PM CST

As soon as I read she had had a bad fall I thought about how on Sunday I could barely sit during church due to my back hurting from an old break (walking was better for it). I can't remember though how she fell or maybe she didn't mention it. I truly feel her pain as there's nothing anyone can do for it most times. It's amazing what we still can get done when hurting.

Ann had commented above that a pie takes a long time to do. I was the same way!!! I find I can make a pie now quicker than a batch of cookies or brownies. It takes some practice, but you'll get there-just don't give up.

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Sat Apr 22, 23 8:45 AM CST

Thank you for continuing to type out Sarah's diary for us to read. I live in the same area as she did, and it adds an extra layer of special interest for me when I hear her mention the names of the little towns around here.

I was surprised to read that even though she was hurt she still washed Sherley's laundry as well as her own. I wonder if she didn't let on to others how much pain she was feeling? I really hope she will recover fully and soon!

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