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Comments On Article: The Diary Of Sarah April 10 - 16, 1932

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Sat Apr 08, 23 5:55 AM CST

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Sun Apr 09, 23 12:25 PM CST
Good morning! I tried to look it up online but does anyone know what was meant when Sarah mentioned going to church and s.s. service? Social security and Nazi Germany were the primary results! Something else I found interesting but hadn’t heard of before was her “copying the news” - was this her contributing to her local newspaper like a copy desk or was she physically “copying” the news for another reason? I really enjoy the different diary series ???? In a class recently, I learned about the Digital Public Library of America and it looks like they have scanned diaries in there. I want to do some digging and see what I can find!
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Sun Apr 09, 23 12:43 PM CST

Grandma Donna wrote, Hi Diamond A,  S.S. is Sunday School, the family went to Church service and then Sunday School class.   Sarah is a contributor for the newspaper and for her local area she sends in news.  During this time of the 1930s it was common for the news to include the names of people that visited family or traveled or when someone was sick or passed away.  Most any kind of news of a local community and it would be sent to a publisher. Each surrounding community of a larger town would send in news.  Again when we consider the time and they did not have the electronics that we have today, everything was written by hand or a manual typewriter was used.  She may have possibly had carbon paper but her copy was most likely writing out her news from her notes to mail out to the newspaper office. 

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Mon Apr 10, 23 2:11 PM CST

I suddenly thought about Sarah shelling popcorn before she could pop it, vs. people these days sticking a bag of seasoned popcorn in the microwave for a couple of minutes.  And some won't wait that long, and buy bags of pre-popped corn instead.

I remember years ago when our small town paper had a section for community news.  We still have one yellowed cut out news item that announced that (my grandparents) had recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.  The article listed all the attendees and if they were local or not, listed those in the family who couldn't make it to the party, and who the couple's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were.  Community news also usually had articles detailing weddings right down to the types of flowers in the bride's bouquet.  We got national news on TV, but in small towns, the local events, awards, chorales, gospel sings, family reunions, births, deaths, and scholarship winners were important enough to record in print.  I see a little of that in the current local paper, but most of that type of "reporting" has disappeared, sadly.  

I still want to know who was eating all those pies Sarah made.  And how much flour she used in a month!

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Mon Apr 10, 23 3:27 PM CST

Grandma Donna wrote, Joan S,  I feel that Sarah's pies went fast around her house because of many people in and out.  She does not write about all of her visitors but she does occasionally mention the men that help out in the fields at times.  Her grandchildren come in and out, church and community friends.  One of their son's and daughter in law and grandchildren live in a house close to them there on the farm. She may take some pies or cake to Church or to the meetings that she attends.  The pies could have been small pies because the 1930s pie plates that I have are much smaller than what they sell today.  

When I was growing up my Grands and Aunties most always had pie and cake and if they had too much at home some would be sliced and wrapped up and sent home with us.  She also sells and trades when she goes into town.  I do believe that Sarah and her family are from German descent, during the 1930s, many people from Germany settled in Ohio, upon researching I have found that tea time traditions were kept when they came to the United States and as we often think of the English Tea time tradition, Germany had this tradition as well, there was a Kaffee and Kuche/Kuchen time in the afternoon.  Charles and I have some friends here where we live and they always have their 4:00 P.M. Tea time and Tea Time usually always has a small dessert or small sandwich. :)

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Tue Apr 11, 23 7:22 AM CST

I recently thought about old movies or movies based in the past and the always had people coming to visit and eating pies. We have a popcorn maker and use it all the time. I don't have a stove to cook on at our shop and the popcorn popper has come in so handy to use for snack time. Have some fruit with it and you've got a great snack all year round. We were recently talking about how difficult it is just trying to get people at church to have an activity outside of Christmas. My husband couldn't remember the last time the men got together and I couldn't for the women either. It's sad when you really think about it, but i guess that's how the world is moving. 

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