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The photo is my son and myself. Now days you can get a photo made to look old like this one. This photo was taken when this was the new look.

Harry S Truman was president when I was born and world war II had ended. I grew up in a time when lunch was put in a brown paper bag and a sandwich was wrapped with wax paper. There was no such thing as pantyhose, we wore stockings that attached to the rubbery clippy things that attached to the girdle. Convenience stores were not common and when we took a trip we packed a picnic basket because many places did not have fast food. Highways had places to pull over and stop, some with picnic tables. Read more ....

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Comments On Article: False Spring

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Fri Feb 10, 23 1:32 PM CST

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Fri Feb 10, 23 2:03 PM CST

Wonderful pictures of nature, gDonna. The crane was gorgeous and those ducks just wonderful. Yes, camellias are called the Queen of Winter perennials because they prefer it cold. Mine is in bloom too. The weather though is funny; one day sunny and mild, the next sunny and very cold; or even downright arctic. Then it will warm up just enough to rain; which we badly still need. But the rains we did get have certainly helped out in our state- California is still dry overall, but some areas are at least not in the critical stage anymore. Thanks for another great post.

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Fri Feb 10, 23 2:35 PM CST

Hello Grandma Donna ~

Our weather here in Dallas is  having fits! One day it snows, the next torrential rains and then up to 72 degrees!  Never a dull moment.  

We've been doing a freezer/pantry challenge which we began the first of January.  We too need a new roof, and I hate the thought of debt to provide it.   Unless it starts raining money, we'll just keep putting money aside and a bucket when it rains, lol.

I wanted a simple salad to go with our pasta lunch today, the iceberg head was down to a stub, but you know, it was just enough for two small salads :)  I cut off the "rusty" bits and chopped it fine, and it was so good.  I think it tasted even better because it was made from something that normally might have been thrown away.  I'm liking the waste not, want not lifestyle!

Thank you for taking us on your car ride, the photos are lovely.  I hope you both have a wonderful weekend.  

Donna in Dallas

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Fri Feb 10, 23 3:49 PM CST

Hi, Donna,

I know you must be really relieved to get your new roof scheduled.   Waiting can really drag us down.  I am so glad for you.

I love your light with the solar bulb.  I looked around here and am going to make what I can from what I have.  That's always satisfying.  My father and mother lived during the Great Depression, born in 1912.  They knew how to save.  During that time they saved war bonds enough to buy a farm and move to the country.  

My father had a work table in the back room of our old farm house and if he or we ever needed a part to make something with or complete a project with, more than likely, it would be in that room.   I should mention that all the parts came from things that didn't work anymore or were left over but nothing was thrown away if it could be used up.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures.  I hope your fruit trees make it this year.

Darlene in Southern Indiana  

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Fri Feb 10, 23 4:23 PM CST

Hi Donna!  I am very interested in these solar bulbs, but there is such a variety on Amazon it would be helpful if I knew what kind you are using.  Can you turn it off with a switch or a remote, or do you have to wait until it just discharges?  Is there a hook attached to it?  Thanks for your help!

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Fri Feb 10, 23 9:50 PM CST

Hi Donna.  I too would be interested in knowing specifically which solar bulbs you were looking at.  I went online and looked but was not sure which ones you got.  The ABZXT ones looked like possibly the right ones, but I could find no mention of being able to turn them on and off.  I really like the idea of them, and they would also be great in a power outage.

Loved the pictures.  The past 2 days here have been nice, low 50's, but I know it won't last.  We have had major snowstorms as late as April, so it's not over yet!  I liked your idea of using plastic totes to shelter your seedlings.  I will soon have to start seeds if I am going to grow anything.  I haven't decided yet.  Our ground has been too wet for many years, so I went to container gardening,  which the deer and squirrels just love.  The deer have been so bold as to come right up on our back porch to dine!  Needless to say, it would have been less expenses to buy vegetables!

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Sat Feb 11, 23 2:33 AM CST

Congratulations Grandma Donna and Charles that you reached your savings goal ! A new roof is a wonderful thing to have before you go into retirement. We are also saving for some roof repairs, so I know what it's like to be frugal and have to make good choices to real a goal. Blessings to you ~ Linda

13 posts
Sat Feb 11, 23 6:34 AM CST

G’Donna, congratulations on the roof repair, both having saved for the repair and getting it accomplished this year.   It took us a long time to save for an emergency fund, then save for six months living expenses…now I can’t imagine ever going back to the old ways of spending.   But it really took years to break those spending habits.   We have established a habit of tucking away cash for a rainy day.  And this week, we had a reason…I had to pay $6,500 for our roof repairs.  But now that is done and paid for.  Since we are retired, we keep adding to the rainy fund each month as we can, knowing rain will arrive ;).   Love your depression era study, I find thinking about new/old ways to do things is inspiring

Edited Sat Feb 11, 23 6:35 AM by Hilogene O
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Sat Feb 11, 23 7:40 AM CST

Hi, Donna, and all those who are interested in the solar lights.  I like to take the solar lights that are made to stick in the ground, sit them outside to recharge (every day) and then bring them inside at night.  I have one in a window and it even recharges that way.    I stick them wherever I can, in plants usually.  They make good nightlights and they are cheap.  I had one that broke and I think I will unscrew that one from the broken part , put it in a clear glass container in a tiny container and see how that works.  I understand that the glass makes the light stronger and brighter than on it's own.  I am going to experiment anyway.  Thanks.

Darlene from S. Indiana

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Sat Feb 11, 23 12:27 PM CST

Thanks SO MUCH for sharing the nature pictures. Here in southern Missouri it is still looking bleak, not a lot of color yet so your pictures were much appreciated. I especially love the ducks and the flowers. The flowers are so beautiful!

18 posts
Sat Feb 11, 23 12:57 PM CST


            I too make use of solar lights. I have them hanging all over my house. I especially love these lights because they are motion activated so when I am just passing through a room the lights turn on automatically so I don't need to turn on a light switch just to pass through a room. I also put glow in the dark stars and tape on the top of them so that if they don't get enough sun I still have enough light to see my way through the room. The ones hanging from the ceiling are all solar, you can't charge them any other way so when the sun shines bright I have plenty of light. The solar panels charge by the window. I also have some Luci lights charging in the window. The other solar light in the pictures is by my bed. I also keep one of these by the front door for when I need to carry in wood at night. They are very handy.

Becky Sue

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15 posts
Sat Feb 11, 23 1:45 PM CST

About frosted blossoms:  I've read that blossoms can take a bit of frost so long as they can defrost slowly, such as in the shade;  it's the sudden temperature change of the sun hitting them that does the damage.  For instance, my parents in zone 5 have an apricot tree in the middle of their south-facing, unshaded yard which almost never produces fruit;  yet down the street, their neighbors have one in the front, north-facing, and this one almost always fruits.  

I also remember a passage in one of the Little House books, where the parents woke the children up before dawn, and they all rushed desperately out to the wheat field with buckets of water, because there was a frost.  They had run back and forth from the well to trickle water from their buckets over each individual plant before the sun came up, and the family managed to save most of the crop, if I remember right (I'm not sure which book it's from, I think Farmer Boy).  I wonder if a light spraying of water over frosted blossoms before dawn would work in the same way?  I suppose it couldn't hurt to try, if the fruit is going to be lost anyway.

15 posts
Sat Feb 11, 23 2:19 PM CST

Yes indeed, it can sometimes help. Here in California, orange and grape growers (grapes for wine where I live, and oranges in Southern California) frequently do that to help save crops from freezing. The orange groves also put out smudge pots under the trees, to help keep them warmer. The idea is to keep the temperature as close to 32 F as can be; then let them come to day temp gradually. Your parents' apricot, which is very vulnerable to a frost, can be covered with a frost cloth or burlap wrap, to be  removed during the daylight hours and also a good deep watering can help them survive the freeze. It is a lot of work, but sometimes does help. I used to work in a winery and you could see them setting them up for this treatment. The local papers would always announce it; and we would all wait to see how much wine could be produced during harvest time despite the freeze. 

88 posts
Sat Feb 11, 23 6:52 PM CST

Hi everyone. :) I am just out of the hospital, and have a number of months recovery ahead of me, but I am going to be just fine. In fact, better that ever once they get me fixed. :) And what a perfect time to learn how to knit since I have to be quiet for a while now. :) I bought the wrong yarn for darning (it was too big) and now I can see what I can knit with it! Family members are doing the household work for me so there's going to be some modern things for while, like the dryer and the dishwasher being used, but being frugal is still the top priority. It's nice to have the modern things when you need them and being frugal means you can afford them when you need them! :) We are still loving our household money can, and I taught my son how to use money orders since our checks haven't arrived from our new credit union yet. I am glad these old ways like money orders are still available. 

I really like the solar light idea too. I would like to know the specific brand also. I can be a contributing member of my household by carrying the lights outside to charge and then bringing them back in. :) That's about all I am allowed to do right now! And with the sun getting stronger in this hemisphere, it's the perfect time to buy some. :)

I am reading comments and getting a lot out of them, so even though I haven't commented much lately, please know that you are all so valuable to me with the stories and information you share. Thank you!

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Sat Feb 11, 23 8:39 PM CST

Grandma Donna wrote, to all who are asking about the solar bulbs.  I did a post about these a few times, here is one link  https://gdonna.com/living-like-the-past/questions-...

Also I just took a look around to see which ones are like the ones I use. Copy and paste this Below in Amazon search. 

 Solar Light Bulbs, Outdoor Indoor Home Chicken Coop Lights, Solar Powered LED Shed Lights, Camping Lamps for tent.  

When you find these and see what they look like there are others with different prices.  

They have a removable hook at the top to hang them.  They look like a bulb and have a place to plug in the solar panel and they have a port where you can plug these in if you have a usb charger.  

They have a hanger on top that can be removed, a button on top to turn on and off, a place to attach the solar panel that is included and they also can be charged with a usb, I think that is what you call it.  You can hang the bulb or put it in something, you can walk around with it like a flashlight.  They are make very good lighting and the ones we have hold a charge very well. I hope this helps you to find the bulbs.  

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225 posts (admin)
Sat Feb 11, 23 8:43 PM CST

Grandma Donna wrote, Stephanie G,  I have missed you here and I am sure others have too, I am glad you are home and on the mend.  I don't want to ask personal questions but I hope that your surgery will be your last.  I am glad your family is helping you and Charles and I will keep you in prayer.  Please keep us updated on your progress.  Hugs, Grandma Donna

12 posts
Sun Feb 12, 23 11:24 AM CST

Thank you, Grandma Donna, for the link to your earlier post.  I should have thought to look!  I re-read your post on oil lamps as well.

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Thu Feb 16, 23 3:08 PM CST

I enjoyed all the comments! Grandma Donna I love the photos of nature. Our trees are showing the smallest signs of spring here. We're in central Virginia USA. I can't remember who mentioned the little house books, but it was farmer boy. We just read that chapter for homeschool reading yesterday. Too funny. Thank you for the link to the bulbs. There on my list! 

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