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Comments On Article: Diary Reading For Rose And Emma January 19 - 25 1932

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Thu Jan 19, 23 4:33 AM CST

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Thu Jan 19, 23 5:04 AM CST

I learned a new word from Rose - charivari!  I had to look it up and learned that it is simply a shivaree, like what was seen in an episode of the Waltons.  Dictionary.com indicates it as "a mock serenade with kettles, pans, horns, and other noisemakers given for a newly married couple."  What fun!  Thanks for sharing, Donna.  :0)

16 posts
Thu Jan 19, 23 7:59 AM CST

Thanks, Gayle.  I d know what it meant, either.  I was going to look it up, but then I got distracted by "Jim Stoaks read metors today.".  I read that as metEors and was trying to figure out what that meant!!  It means I need better glasses ????!!

3 posts
Thu Jan 19, 23 10:40 AM CST

Like Gayle, I also went and looked up charavari.  And like Debby my brain defaulted to metEors as well. But it's such interesting reading.

I also am finding it interesting that they seem to be having the same type and range of weather that we are currently experiencing here in Chatham Ontario Canada. Up and down with the temps, then rain, then snow, then fog. We've had all the same weather as these diarists are recording for the month.

4 posts
Thu Jan 19, 23 12:49 PM CST

I've noticed, too, that our weather seems to be much the same this year as it was then. I've often thought that there must have been a lot more cold and snow then, as that is what everyone talks about. It must be that the storms are what people remember. Chilly and rainy seems pretty normal.

263 posts (admin)
Thu Jan 19, 23 4:40 PM CST

Grandma Donna wrote,  I started to correct the spelling in the diary for the Metor because it is so tempting to do but since she wrote read the Metor (Meter) and gave the amount for the bill we know this was her electric bill. The word charivari stopped me for a bit as well but I had heard it before but so many years ago like a trip down memory lane. :)

92 posts
Fri Jan 20, 23 4:24 PM CST

And we'll never know who murdered Theophilas Gaines!

263 posts (admin)
Fri Jan 20, 23 5:16 PM CST

Grandma Donna wrote, for those curious minds..... and from a researcher enthusiasts, this is what I found.  Theophilus Gaines, Former Three Forks Man, Killed in New York. Word was received last week of the tragic death of Theophilus Gaines, killed in a new York plane crash. It is thought that they were trying to make a forced landing and that in the fog the plane hit the top of a tree. No one saw the accident although it was on one of the main highways. Mr. Gaines was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Mr. Gaines was only 31 years old and had been married for one year.   So now we know the sad story of Theophilus Gaines. :(

92 posts
Fri Jan 20, 23 5:30 PM CST

LOL Thank you. :) At least he wasn't murdered, which is what I thought happened when Rose said he had been killed. 

That is sad, though, for his poor wife and those who loved him. But he must have been very adventurous to have been flying in a private craft in 1932!

92 posts
Tue Feb 07, 23 7:58 PM CST

I'm so glad to of read too that he wasn't murdered as sad as it is that he was killed in a plane crash. I'm thankful to report that our weather does the same here too in central Virginia. Phew.

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