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November 23, 2015

Our tiny garden can make soup

Some people have little room for a garden but even in a small space we can grow enough to make soup

Here the turnip roots are forming

These are collards.

I started with a half a pound of ground pork but you can use beef or chicken or anything you have. You can also make it vegetarian. I browned the meat and drained the fat.

Then I went out to the garden and picked a few things...

Strung and snapped the beans then washed them..

Added three quarts of water because I needed to make a large pot of soup this day.

I went back out and gathered some greens.. Turnip greens, mustard greens and collards. Not a lot, just enough for soup.

Washed them in salt water and vinegar rinse and rinsed them good.

Chopped up the greens...

Since I needed a lot of soup I added a bag of frozen soup mix. This is a good soup mix. My mother and Grandmother use to make soup with soup mix too. She browned meat and added just this and a can of tomatoes. It was always good. This has been around a long time. If I did not have this in the freezer I probably would have gone back out and pulled up a few carrots and chopped them up with a potato too.

I added the soup mix then the greens...

I cut up the two turnip roots...

And I set them aside because turnip roots cook quickly so I wanted to put them in later..

So the soup has been cooking for about twenty minutes and I added the turnip roots...

Then one can of diced tomatoes...

It has turned off cold and this is the beginning of Thanksgiving week so I wanted a good soup to take us through a few days. I made a full cornbread recipe to go with it. My cornbread recipe is on this website under cooking from scratch. It is a half recipe so double it for a 8X8 pan size.

The reason I added so many vegetables is this is a hearty soup that sticks for a good while so you don't get hungry right after you eat it.  This morning I packed my husband a thermos of soup and some cornbread for his lunch today. He was happy to take it with him.

I hope this helps in some way, Grandma Donna

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