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Homemade Pot Stickers

October 7, 2011
This is our recipe for Pot Stickers
I will post three recipes here, the dough, the filling and the dipping sauce
I am using Pork for this recipe but you can make your own choices for your filling.
The Dough
2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup hot water
small bowl of water that will be used later to seal the dumpling
Yes, that is it for the dough, just flour and hot water.
Put the two cups of flour in a bowl, make a well in the middle and pour the hot water in the middle, stir with a spoon and then work the dough with your hand until it is held together. The dough will be more stiff than if you are making bread or pastry.  After the water is incorporated into the flour then you will knead the dough for about three minutes.  Then form a ball and place in a bowl with a dampened cloth over it for about 10 minutes.
After the ten minutes, roll the dough to make a log about an inch thick or the size of extra plump hotdog.
Cut the dough into slices and place back into the bowl and keep covered with damp cloth.
Using your fingers squeeze the dough into rounds then lightly dust the counter and the flattened round dough and roll into a round.  It does not have to be perfectly round, this will get easier with time.  Place on platter and keep covered with dampened cloth.
The Filling
Everything used in the filling is to be chopped and minced very fine.
If you have allergies to any of these ingredients just leave that item out or substitute. If you have a corn allergy such as the corn starch then you possibly could use potato starch. I have not tried it with potato starch but worth a try.
1 pound ground pork
Chinese cabbage ( 3 leaves of Napa or 6 leaves savoy Cabbage) about 3 cups after chopping
3 green or spring onions
6 to 7 Shitake Mushrooms
3 Tablespoons soy sauce (I use organic)
2 Tablespoons sesame oil
2 Tablespoons corn starch
1/2 teaspoon white pepper
Dipping Sauce
This recipe is for a small bowl of dipping sauce you can adjust the recipe to the amount you need depending on how many pot stickers you are serving. We mix the dipping sauce and pour into individual bowls.
2 Tablespoons Soy sauce
1 Tablespoon red wine vinegar
1/2 teaspoon sesame oil
1 garlic
1 green onion
pinch sugar
There is not a lot to say about how to make the filling other than chop everything very fine until it is considered minced.  Then mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and put in the refrigerator until you are finished with the dough and ready to use. 
I would make the dipping sauce next and let it sit in the refrigerator so the flavors will mesh together.
How to make the dough
Place 2 cups of flour in a bowl, do not pack your measuring cup.  When you measure out the flour it should be light in the cup.
Pour 1/2 cup very hot water into the middle of the flour and stir with a spoon. 
Use the spoon just until it has cooled enough to handle the dough with your hand
Mash it around until the mosture is into the flour
Knead the dough pushing with the base of your hand
Knead for about 3 to 4 minutes, the dough will be stiffer than bread dough or pastry dough but still somewhat soft and not sticky.
Put the dough back into the bowl and cover with a moistened cloth.  Let it rest for 10 minutes.
Remove the dough from the bowl and form a log shape and cut in half
Roll one of the halves into a long plump hotdog shape Slice the dough into sections
This is about the size you want and place the pieces back in the bowl and keep covered with a damp cloth so they don't dry out.
Using your fingers just go around and squeeze the dough flat
On a slightly floured surface roll the dough to a thin stage.
If you hold it up to a light you can see your fingers on the other side
This is the size I make
Now it is time to complete the dumpling
A spoon of filling in the middle of the dough round
Dip your finger in water
Spread water around the edge of the dough so the dough will stick (glue) togehter
Fold it in half and then pleat the edges together with a pressing motion.
It is sort of like making a fan, fold over and pinch you are trying to make a pouch.
Now they are ready to cook
The large pot pictured top is the pot we use to cook the pot stickers, the skillet to the right is what was used to saute green beans for a side dish.
We use a deep sided pot because you will fry the bottom of the dumpling first then add water which will pop and splash. You will need to use caution when adding the water and have a lid in your hand to immediately put on the pot as you add the water.
Put 3 tablespoons oil into the pan, we used extra light olive oil.  Do not use extra virgin because it has too much flavor.  You can also use vegetable oil.
Place the dumplings down in the oil and cook on medium heat until browned.
Cook the dumpling until The bottom of the dumpling is golden brown
When the bottoms of the dumplings are browned, add 1/2 cup water to the pot.  This is where you must be careful and "immediately" place the lid over the pot, protecting yourself from splattering and be extremely careful to not start of a stove fire.  You can remove the pan from the heat to let it cool down just a bit to keep the splattering down to a minimum. 
Notice the splatter on top of the stove top, this can get on the eye of the stove so just be very careful.
I lifted the lid so you can see the dumplings cooking and steaming but leave the lid on until the water has cooked out of the pot and you are back to only a small amount of oil in the pan. When the water is gone the dumplings are finished cooking.
The Dipping Sauce
The inside of the pot sticker after it has been cooked.
I wish you success with your Pot Stickers :)

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