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Diary Edith and Fred March and April 1924

February 28, 2019

This is the Continued diary of Edith a newly widow in the year of 1924.  Edith's husband was Fred and they lived on a dairy farm. They lived in Jefferson county New York. Homer and Ida live next door to Edith and are mentioned often in her posts.

Here is the Diary entries for January and February in case you need to catch up or read more about the people mentioned in her diary.

Saturday March 1, 1924

Snowed in the forenoon. Cleared off in the afternoon. Bradley and Dora went to Dr. Babcock to Homer Hunts Silver Wedding. Gordon stayed here all night. 

Sunday March 2

Cloudy and snowed a little. Gordon went home this morning.

Monday March 3

Pleasant all day. I did not wash and sew on my slip.

Tuesday March 4

Pleasant and warmer I sewed. Rained at night. Ida and I went out a calling. went to see Mrs. Dora Green and Mina and Ella Heath.

Wednesday March 5

Thawing fast. Rained most all day the milk did not all go.

Thursday March 6

Pleasant and a little cooler. I sewed some. Nettie Parker and little girl and Mrs. and Mr. Baynton and Mrs. Gurley and Mrs. Jimmerson called. 

Friday March 7

Cloudy all day and snowed some. Homer went up to Robs a little while.

Saturday March 8

Cloudy and snowed a little . Frank and Eliza called.

Sunday March 9

Cloudy.  Ida went to church. Then Ida went up to Maria's and Homer went up George's to practice. Frank and Minnie called. 

Monday March 10

Cloudy most all day. I washed, had quite a washing.

Tuesday March 11

Cloudy, wind in Northeast and blew gale all day and night. I ironed.

Wednesday March 12

Wind still in north and colder. froze hard last night.

Thursday March 13

No entry

Friday March 14

No entry

Saturday March 15

Pleasant. Gordon came down here. Bradley and Dora went to Watertown. Gordon and I went to the show then he got homesick and went home with Mr. and Mrs Kelley.  Home talent benefit the first day Church. 

Sunday March 16

Cloudy all day. I stayed to home all day.  Homer went up to Honeyville to practice.

Monday March 17

Pleasant. Sadie Whitford came up on the eleven o'clock train and went to the study at night club and I went up to Minnie's and stayed awhile she was home. then she came home with me and stayed all night. Homer and Ida went up to Robs and went to the church to St. Patrick doing at the church. Homer played.

Tuesday March 18

Pleasant. Sadie went home with George this forenoon. Homer and Ida came home from Robs this morning.

Wednesday March 19

Pleasant. I cut out my Voile dress. did not do much on it today.

Thursday March 20

Pleasant and thawing fast. I went over to Bradley's with Mr. Kelley. Dora has a cold and stayed all night. 

Friday March 21

Warm and thawing fast. Bradley and Mark and Mr. Kelley and Harol Whitford worked on the road plowing and scraping and Shoveling out the road. Mark got part way up to Browns with his truck. Bradley hitch his team on a head. Bradley brought me home at night with a buggy awful roads. 

Saturday March 22

Pleasant and thawing fast. Mark got through with his truck the first time this spring.  Pauline and husband were here a little while this afternoon.

Sunday March 23

Pleasant and warm. The cars are flying by fast. Ida went to church after dinner. Homer and Ida and I went up to Honeyville to see aunt Nat. Homer and Rob fiddled.

Monday March 24

Pleasant thawing fast. I did a large washing. Mary Boynton went to the city hospital today. Homer fixed Bradley's clock today. Homers folks let their sitting room fire go out today.

Tuesday March 25

Pleasant. I ironed and sewed a little. Mary Boynton had a operation today on her arm and piles , on table two hours. Did not thaw as fast today as yesterday. 

Wednesday March 26 

Pleasant. I sewed on my dress. Anna Dryden was here to supper. Mrs. Gurley called.

Thursday March 27

Pleasant. Grange feast today. Bradley and Dora were Chairman. Very few there. Mrs. Kelley and Margie and Dora and Doris and Bradley called.

Friday March 28

Pleasant. I washed my black pocky dot dress the first time. The one Emma gave me.

Saturday March 29

Cloudy and rained at night, had thunder shower at night, the first this spring.  Lola and Miss Austin, her friend came down and was here to supper. Then went up to Honeyville and stayed all night. Susie Harrington died at night. Will Oatman sprain his ankle.

Sunday March 30

Snowed and rained all day. I went over to see Minnie.  Lola and Miss Austin came down at night was here about a half hour.

Monday March 31

12 Above zero.  about an inch of snow. I fixed my pocky dot dress. Gordon was down in the afternoon. March came in like a lamb, went out like a lion.

Tuesday April 1

Snowed some all day. Mrs. Sheldon sewed for me. Anna Dryden and boy came up at noon. Frank came and got Buster and Anna stayed.

Wednesday April 2

Snowed a little most all day about 4 inches of snow. Anna helped me on my dress. Went home on the half past 6 Bus tonight.

Thursday April 3

Pleasant snow going fast. Some of the milk came with bobs. Snow about gone when they went home. I finished my black dress today. Mrs Boynton called. Mr. Kelley called and got my dress pattern. 

( A note here, I just added the word bobs on April 3 because I was unsure of the word and left a ? after the words came with. A blog reader emailed me to say that they had to use bob sleds with as much snow as they had up there and a story about how an Elderly friend spoke of having to use bobsleds to get a deceased person out of their home to be dealt with when he was young. These are very interesting things we learn as we go along. Those of you that get a lot of snow and ice most likely understand much of the things they had to do the break out the roads and such. Thank you J L for the information. )

Friday April 4

Cloudy and windy. Homer went up to Robs. I sewed all day. I stayed wit Mina at night. the girls were gone.

Saturday April 5

Pleasant and warm. 58 most all day.  Minnie came down in the afternoon. Frank worked in the woods, came back to supper. Homer worked up to the cemetery most all day.

Sunday April 6

Rainy and wind blowing a gale all day.  Erwin came down this forenoon and Oatie came on the half past 4 bus.

Monday April 7

Snowed and rained most all day. I washed and went to Adams in the afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Gurley and Minnie.  I got a new pair of rubbers. 100 a palm for the cemetery .80 cents and some brown sugar .9 cents a pound. 

Tuesday April 7

Cold. Froze hard last night. I hung the clothes out and they got dry and I ironed this forenoon. In the afternoon I went up to see Billy, he had his tonsils out and stopped to see Riley and wife.

Wednesday April 9

Pleasant in the morning. Rained and windy in the afternoon.  I had the headache all day.  Mary Boynton came home from the hospital this afternoon.

Thursday April 10

Pleasant and cold. I baked and went up to the cemetery, put some flowers on poor Fred's grave. Dora called and got her clock. Homer worked up to the cemetery half a day.  Mrs. Gurley called at night.  Erwin was down to Homers at night while Oatie folks went to Rodman to a play.

Friday April 11

Cold and cloudy.  I finished my Voil dress all but the belt. 

Saturday April 12

Froze hard last night.  Pleasant in the morning, clouded up before noon and was cloudy the rest of the day.

Sunday April 13

Pleasant this morning. Cloudy in afternoon. Homer and Rob started out today relic hunting for the first this season. 

Monday April 14

Pleasant and cool. I washed in the afternoon. Homer and I set out onions in the garden a long the side.

Tuesday April 15

Pleasant.  I ironed in the afternoon.  I raked the lawn and burnt leaves.  Homer worked up to the cemetery all day.  Dora sent down 10 dozen of eggs to put down .20 cents a dozen.  Maria came down last night to hear radio. Stayed until ten. Ida and I went apiece with her then she got a side. 

Wednesday April 16

Pleasant this morning. Cold last night the ground froze and a white frost.  Homer sowed peas in the garden this morning with gloves on.

Thursday April 17

Pleasant this morning. clouded up by noon. I went over and paid Mr. Gurley for the fertilizer. 2.10 .10 cent bringing it up here then I went down town. 

Friday April 18

Rained all night and all day. I cleaned out the sitting room stove. This morning it was full of ashes.

Saturday April 19

Snowed and rained all the forenoon. I went over home with Ralph Brown and stayed all night.  Bradley went to the center, stayed until 11 o clock.  Fred Roberts grandchild was buried up in the cemetery this afternoon. 

Sunday April 20

Snowed a little all the forenoon. Mr. and Mrs. Kelley were up to Bradley to dinner. Mr Kelley brought me home the afternoon. Dora and Gordon and Doris came too. Dora went to the store with eggs.

Monday April 21

Cloudy all day. I washed and I set out my Jonquils and burned stuff in the garden. Burnt up Homers corn stalks he had in the barn.

Tuesday April 22

Raining this morning. cold all day.  I ironed and cleaned out the cupboard and some drawers. The first I have cleaned.

Wednesday April 23

Cloudy most of the day. I cleaned the pantry Julia called.

Thursday April 24

Ground froze last night.  Pleasant. I baked a pie and cleaned out the kitchen stove and one of the cupboards. Ida and I went down to Jones and looked at some paper and I came home and went up to the cemetery. Called to Mrs. Flints.

Friday April 25

Pleasant and cold. White front, ground froze last night. I cleaned the kitchen. Gorden come down and stayed all the afternoon. 

Saturday April 25

Pleasant. Ground froze last night. White frost.  I stayed with Mina last night.  I baked a cake and made a pudding. Ida and I went to the play Little Miss Jack 104 house. 

Sunday April 26 

Pleasant.  Ground froze last night.  I went with Will and Emma and to (Something) Gibbetts Point.  Mrs. Babeack went too. Got home at 6 P.M.

Monday April 28

Pleasant. the warmest day we have had this spring.  I cleaned out the glory hole.  Homer worked up to Leon Wood on his barn.

Tuesday April 29

Cloudy and Fogy this morning. Cleared off about ten and washed and cleaned out the cupboard in the dinning room.  Homer worked up to Leon woods.  Man Gurley and Mrs Haynes called in the afternoon.

Wednesday April 30

Pleasant in the morning, rained in the afternoon and all night.  I cleaned the dining . Ida Trimmed my hat. 

This ends March and April of Edith's diary.  We will pick back up in May.  To stay refreshed on the diaries I put a small title on the right upper side of my website called "Donna's diary posts" where all the diary posts are together. Grandma Donna

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