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Harry S Truman was president when I was born and world war II had ended. I grew up in a time when lunch was put in a brown paper bag and a sandwich was wrapped with wax paper. There was no such thing as pantyhose, we wore stockings that attached to the rubbery clippy things that attached to the girdle. Convenience stores were not common and when we took a trip we packed a picnic basket because many places did not have fast food. Highways had places to pull over and stop, some with picnic tables. Read more ....

The Diary of Sarah Part Three March

June 18, 2019

We are continuing with the diary of Sarah.  If you have not read January or February they are linked here.  

Part 1

Part 2

Now on to part three.

Tuesday March 1, 1932

March came in like a lamb - Cloudy early this a.m. but, the clouds since lifted and we had a lovely day of fine bright sunshine.  Saw to the early morning tasks. Sat down and finished copying the news items for the paper.  Prepared dinner for the tobacco steamers, fathers and Joseph. Served a little after 12 - the convenient time for the men to come.  Felt so tired since dinner that I read a sale catalog for a time after dinner work. wrapped and stored the canned beef.  Evening tasks, Supper, Sleepy. 

Wed March 2,

Cloudy and raining for a time this a.m. but cleared about 9 o'clock.  the sun shone mighty and the remainder of the day was fine.  Had the usual morning tasks to see to.  Dampened down the clothes and prepared to iron. Did a good part of the ironing and then stopped to prepare and serve dinner. Got up from the table and finished the ironing and then did the after dinner work.  Did a little mending. Made a search for some material for L.A.S topic tomorrow. Evening tasks. 

Thursday March 3 

A find bright day of pleasant atmosphere. Had the usual morning tasks to see to. Got egg mash to put it into the feeders.  Shelled a can of corn.  Brushed out the Hudson so it would be fit to sit in.  Prepared dinner and while was cooking studied my topic for this P.M Dinner.  This P.M. I attended the L.A.S. at Mrs. James Ticks where I served as devotional leader. Home for evening tasks.

Friday March 4

Dull, dark, gloomy and quite a stiff breeze. Stirring this a.m.. Had the usual morning tasks to see to. Somewhat brightened this P.M. with a bit of sunshine. Used my spare time getting the mending done and reading up on the Lindbergh baby. Toward evening I scrubbed the East porch and pavement and the West porch and pavement. gave the bedroom an especial clean up. got supper ready and served. Cleaned up a basket of parsnips. Mending.

Saturday March 5

Cloudy and dull all the day through. Usual early morning tasks. Wrote and order to Montgomery ward and Co. for work shoes and cheese cloth. went to town with Joseph, saw to the trading and attended the quilt display at Thirbeuld where about 200 quilts were on display.  Wonderful quilts of every description. Home again soon after 10 o'clock. Eat a hurried meal. Baked several pies, also bread and Kuche. Gave the living room and kitchen an especial clean up. Earnest, Vivian, Jim here for supper and the evening. After 11.

Sunday, March 6

Arose to find that the thermometer has dropped to 12 degrees above 0. A cold stiff breeze was blowing and the ground was covered with snow. Bright and clear. Had the usual morning tasks. Made some preparation for dinner. Attended church and S.S. services. Home about 12.  Henry, Jennie and family here for dinner. THey left about 3 this P.M. Some reading a nap.  Father saw to the evening tasks. Supper.  Gathered news for the paper and did some writing. About 10 o'clock ,

Monday March 7

Clear and cold and a stiff old breeze all the day through.  Usual morning tasks to see to. Did the weeks washing with the washer in the kitchen. Late dinner. After dinner work did some reading after hanging up a rack full of clothes.  Telephoned for news for awhile. Stopped to prepare and serve supper. After supper work, finished the news items and did some reading.  After 10.

Tuesday March 8

Dull, dark and cloudy and snowing a good part of the time all this a.m. Brightened and finally clear this P.M.

Had the usual morning tasks to see to. Wrote and order to Montgomery Ward and Co for some jacket and overalls for Earnest and father took the order and news items on to the mail box for me. Baked bread and Kuche and made a big kettle of vegetable soup. Evening tasks and supper. Mended gloves since supper. The Raleigh Man here today almost 10.

Wednesday March 9

Colder than ever this a.m. the thermometer at 5 degrees above zero about 5:20 and three degrees above at 7. Did not go higher than 10 degrees above all day had the usual morning tasks to see to. Dampened down the clothes and then got my cough syrup all to boiling. Got out my dress goods and pattern and preparation of cutting out a dress. Just had dinner ready, when we learned we had to go for a call or wait until Frederick arrived. So we dressed and made a call at Richards. This P.M. Ralph, Mrs. Green and a Heidle boy called. Dressed and got supper. After 10.

Thursday, March 10th

A fine bright day and getting gradually warmer. The thermometer stood at 25 degrees above zero about 5 this p.m. . Had the usual early morning task to see to. Made preparations and with father, Edward motored to Uncle George's at Mount Arab. There was no one there except Uncle George and Glen. We prepared a good dinner and had a nice visit anyway. Home again at 4:30 usual evening tasks, supper. Wrote a letter to Ruth almost 10. 

Friday, March 11th 

A fine bright day with moderating temperatures. The thermometer is standing at 30° this evening. Had the usual morning tasks to see too, and gave the bedroom aspecial clean up. Did some mending and seamed up and under slip for myself. Dinner and after dinner work. Dressed and with father and Frederick attended the funeral of Mr. Richards. Home for the evening tasks and supper. Read some and find myself dull and sleepy 9:10. 

Saturday, March 12th 

Clear and cold though somewhat warmer than yesterday. Had the usual early morning tasks. got the eggs ready for Town. Baked pies, bread & Kuche. Scrubbed up a bushel basket of parsnips and got them ready for Town. Prepared and served dinner rather late. Gave the living room and kitchen and a special clean up and some other extra preparations for Sunday.

Sunday, March 13th 

A rough wind and some snow flurries quite fitful. Had the usual morning tasks to see two. Dressed and attended church and S.S. Services at red Lion. Ernest, Vivian and Jim spent the day with us and we all enjoyed hovering around the stove in the living room. Spent the afternoon in Reading. Usual evening tasks Ernest left about 6 a.m. . 

Monday, March 14th 

A fine bright day but still very cold and a stiff cold breeze stirring. Had the usual morning task and got at the week's washing in good time. Finished about 11 as neither family had a big washing. The men went to Franklin this a.m. and to Lebanon this p.m. to pay the tax. I collected news this P.M. usual evening tasks. Supper. The A.B.. Convened in our parlor this evening leaving about 11. Father and I retired in a little while and I did nothing with the news. 

Tuesday, March 15th 

Another fine bright day and the temperature is moderating. Attend to the early-morning tasks and then settled down to collect the news and copy the news items. Did not finish until almost 10. Got busy in the kitchen, clearing the table and preparing dinner. This p.m. I did some mending and went up to visit Dave Singer who is bedfast again. Home  for evening tasks and supper. Looked over a lot of obituaries and letters since supper and searching for the dates of little Harold's birth and death. 

Wednesday, March 16th 

Cloudy almost the entire day and threatening rain this evening. Had the regular daily routine of household tasks. In addition, I did the week's ironing this a.m. and this p.m., I did some mending, put away the ironed clothes, and finished the making of an under slip which I commenced last week. Have the usual evening tasks and supper. Ruth and the kiddies called just before supper. Reading since supper. 

Thursday, March 17th 

Rain during the night and quite a good part of this a.m. . Clearing by noon. Soon as the rain ceased it was still cloudy. Had this usual morning tasks to see to and then busied myself looking through my diaries until I found 1900 and looked up the date of little Harold's birth and death for the genealogy. cleaned up the box and stored the diaries again. Dinner. This p.m. I attended Mrs. Crockett's funeral at Franklin. Home for evening tasks. Supper, some reading sleepy. 

Friday, March 18th 

Some clouds and some sunshine and somewhat warmer. Had the usual morning tasks to see to gave the bedroom and aspecial cleanup and scrubbed the West porch and pavement. Got up some parsnips from under the barn, prepared and served dinner. This p.m. I spent sewing at a house dress for myself stopped in good time to see to the evening tasks. Baked a white cake and prepared supper. Sewed for a while and read for a while, late. 

Saturday, March 19th 

Cloudy and breezy almost the entire day. Raining this evening. Had the usual early morning tasks to see to and then went to Franklin with Joseph and did a little trading. From there we went to the Howard hatchery and got my baby chicks. 245. then on to Becker's for chick starter and dairy feed. Home again about 11. Mopped up the living room floor and got the chickens in stalled into the battery brooder. Dinner. This P.M. I baked bread, kuche and pies. Evening tasks, almost 11, I must take a bath yet. 

Sunday, March 20th 

Bright and sun shining this am, cloudy and breezy this PM. Had the usual morning tasks to see to. Prepared and attended church and S.S. Services at red Lion. Home for the noon hour. Jenny, Henry and the kiddies here for dinner and the afternoon. this P.M. I went to red Lion to practice the children for an Easter program for next Sunday. Home for the evening tasks most of which father has done. Supper and some reading. 9 o'clock. 

Monday, March 21st 

Bright this a.m., cloudy this p.m., sprinkling rain this evening and about 10 tonight we had a heavy storm, a regular cyclone in places. Great damage done in Butler county, especially Hamilton. Some of Shandon town were badly damaged also red Lion was hard hit but we escaped here for once. Did the week's washing this a.m. and collected items this PM. Did some copying this evening. Had the daily routine of task and the care of the baby chickens. Tired out. 

Tuesday, March 22nd 

Cold and cloudy with a disagreeable cold wind blowing. Spitting some snow this PM. Early morning task and then finish copying the news for the paper. Cleaned up the living room and mopped the linoleum, prepared and served dinner. This p.m. I made at some Divinity fudge which was not very successful. Finished up the percale dress commenced last week. Saw to evening tasks, supper. Made a batch of ice cream candy and it is a real success. Papa helped me pull it. 10 

Wednesday, March 23rd 

Cloudy all this a.m.and bright this afternoon. Had the usual morning tasks. It's been quite a while working with the chickens. Father helping me get the shelves cleaned up. Later Papa and I remove the racks and paper from our hams and shoulders and brushed off the remaining cure and hung up ready for smoking. Prepared and serve dinner. This p.m. I did the ironing and some mending, stored part of the clothes. Violet made me a call. Usually evening tasks.

Thursday, March 24th

Rather cloudy all the day with some sunshine occasionally. Had the usual morning tasks. Then Papa assisted me and getting the baby chicks clean up and ready for the day. Cleaned up the floor and set the house in order generally. Prepared and served dinner. This P.M.. I baked a large white cake and a small one and then a batch of sugar cookies. Usual evening tasks. Dressed and went with the rest to the oratorical contest where Julie spoke and did wonderfully well. 

Friday, March 25th 

Quite warm today. Bright and sunny early this a.m.. But by 9 it was cloudy with a stiff breeze astir. Had the usual early morning tasks to see two. With Father's help, looked after the baby chicks. Henry's arrival about 8 o'clock Jenny and I finished the household tasks and then got busy with the coloring. Got only one boiling of clothes color before dinner. Was in the coloring business all the afternoon and then it did not finish. Evening task. Supper. Very tired. 

Saturday, March 26th 

Cold, cloudy all the day. Had the usual morning tasks to see to and the care of the poultry (baby chicks). Baked a few pies and bread and kuche, made a batch of pickled egg and boiled a small shoulder. Scrubbed the West porch and pavement, mopped the linoleum, gave the bedrooms and a special clean up and hunted the eggs. Prepared supper, Ernest, Vivian and Jim arrived late. Colored eggs this evening did mending and then a bath. 

Sunday, March 27th 

Easter. Dull, dark and gloomy all the day with a sprinkle of rain this P.M. Had the usual early morning tasks to see to. Fix up the chickens with Father's help. Prepared and attended church service and the Easter program during the S.S. Hour. Home for noon lunch. This P.M.. Father, Frederick and I visited with Uncle Paul at Springboro and then visited Dan Singer. Usual evening tasks. Ernest, Vivian and Jim here this evening. 

Monday, March 28th 

Bright and breezy this a.m. Quite favorable for washing and drying clothes. However by noon it was quite cloudy this P.M.. The breeze kept increasing until it was a gale instead of a breeze. Besides the usual daily routine, I did the week's washing this a.m. And hung out our clothes together. This P.M. I was busy collecting news items. Evening tasks. Supper. Did a little copying but found myself to dull. 

Tuesday, March 29th 

Bright and clear today with a good breeze astir. usual morning tasks and care of the chickens. Copy the remaining news items and carried to the mail box. Attended to the daily tasks. Prepared and served dinner. This P.M I used my spare time mending and sewing. Made a handhold for a comforter and put it on the comforter. Evening task. Supper. Rather late. I feel dull and sleepy. 9:45 

Wednesday, March 30th 

Warm and cloudy threatening rain all day. The rain came this evening and looks as if it may rain all night. Had the usual daily routine of tasks indoors and outside. Mopped up the linoleum in the living room. Worked in the middle bedroom upstairs for a while - transferring some of the small potatoes. Dressed a hen which flew down in the middle shed from a high point and got hurt. Did a big ironing this P.M., spending all this P.M. at it. Usual evening tasks. 9:35 

Thursday, March 31st 

A most disagreeable day - dull, gloomy, rain, snow a cold wind. I should say March went out like a lion. Arose quite early as soon as I was dressed went up to Joseph to stay with the kiddies while he came down to milk. Got their breakfast ready and as soon as Joseph returned came down and got our breakfast usual morning task. Prepared a kettle of chicken noodles for dinner. Fredrick and the children ate dinner and supper with us and Ruth has gone to Kentucky to her sister, Irene's funeral.

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