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Diary of Sarah part 4 April

July 8, 2019

We are continuing Sarah's diary. You can go back to read the previous months if you have missed them. 

Friday, April 1, 1932

Cold and cloudy the early part of the day. Bright this P.M. but still quite cold. Hat the usual morning tasks to see to. Made preparations and went with Fredrick, Papa and Char to Franklin, took in the eggs and did my trading there. We then went on to Middletown where we bought some Hardware cloth and called on Media, Clenon, Eva and Roy and Phllis. Home by 1 o'clock. Late dinner, Gave the kids room an extra clean up. Sleepy.

Saturday April 2

Quite warm all the day and evening - cloudy with a good breeze astir this A.M.but blowing a perfect gale this P.M. Had the usual morning tasks to see to. Got busy and finished up chicken and put it under press. Baked four pies also bread and kuche. Set the house in order, cleaned the hallway and stairway, mopped up the living room and kitchen linoleum. Julie, Francis and Edward here all this P.M.. Earnest, Vivian, Jim, Mia and Lizzy all here for supper. After supper work a bath. Late.

Sunday, April 3rd 1932

A very fine day, though somewhat cooler. had the usual morning task and with Father's help saw to the baby chicks. Made some preparations for dinner and then dressed for services. Attended church and Sunday school services and also C. B. Meeting. Home at noon after calling to see Dan and Julia on our way. Henry Jenny and family here for dinner and the afternoon. Some reading, usual evening task, earnest, Viv and Jim here for a call this evening late

 Monday, April 4th, 1932

Bright and sun shining for a while but cloudy and breezy later in the day. Usual morning task and care of the baby chicks. did the week's washing for both families and hung them on the line by dinner time. This p.m. I emptied the washer then got busy collecting the news for the paper. Copied a few pages. Stopped to get in the clothes in and attend the usual evening task. Supper and after supper work. Copied a few pages of items. Sleepy

Tuesday, April 5th, 1932

A fine bright and beautiful day. Had the usual early morning task to see to and with Father's help saw to the baby chicks in the brooder. Then settled down to copy the news items which took me up to almost 10 o'clock. carried the news to the mailbox prepared and served dinner. Did a bit of mending and stored some of the clothes that did not require ironing. Started painting a big new router but father took it off my hands and sent me to the usual evening tasks. 

Wednesday, April 6th, 1932

Cloudy and breezy all day but no rain. Had the usual early morning task and the little chickens to see two. Mopped up the linoleum in the living room and shaped up generally. Started the plant and did the week's ironing. Started to paint Tuesday the new brooder but father finished. Dinner, this p.m. I worked at the family genealogy for a while and then got busy with the evening tasks. Attended a meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Knox this evening. Mr. and Mrs.Taylor bringing me home. 

Thursday, April 7th, 1932

Cloudy, breezy and threatening all day, finally beginning to rain about 4:30 and has been raining a little all the evening. Had the usual daily household tasks to see too and also the battery brooder full of baby chicks. Made a few new nest in the lower shed for the turkeys. Mended my hosiery. Dinner. This p.m. I attended the L.A.S. meeting at the church. Home again for the usual evening tasks. 10 o'clock

Friday, April 8th, 1932 

Raining and disagreeable all the day through with a high wind this evening. Had the usual morning task to see two. Then father and I got busy with the baby chicks. We put 80 of the largest ones overnight in the big brooder and then divided the others was nearly impossible with 4 compartments of the battery brooder which Frederick and father carried to the strip room. By the time we hung up the theaters and saw that all were fed and watered it was noon. This p.m. father and I made 81 popcorn balls for the O. B. For this evening.

Saturday, April 9th 1932 

Dull, dark, drizzling, gloomy, and disagreeable generally all the day through. Usual morning tasks and care of the baby chicks. Baked several pies. Dinner. This p.m. I set sponge and by suppertime fried a fine lot of donuts with Viv's help during the afternoon. I set things to right, did all the washing up after the baking and dinner, the linoleum and saw to the evening task, Earnest, Viv and Jim here for supper. late 

Sunday, April 10th, 1932

Another gloomy, dark, drizzling, rainy day, all through. had the usual morning tasks to see to indoors and outside. Made preparation and attended church and Sunday school service. Home for dinner. This p.m. Father, Frederick and I made calls on the sick Mr. and Mrs. Wysong and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Schlage and family Mr. and Mrs. Smith and family Mr. and Mrs. Singer. Home for the evening tasks Earnest, Vera and Jim here this evening

 Monday, April 11th, 1932

Still sizzling, sozzling, drizzling rain all this a.m. clearing this p.m. almost to brightness anyhow to lightness. Decided to postpone the washing. Had the regular daily tasks and doors and the care of the baby chicks. Got two packages ready for the mail and wrote several letters one to Aunt Cora and the other to Mrs. Miller. One of the packages was a strand of beads for Aunt Cora birthday and the other was a photo or rather two, one me and one father and I, the same that was mailed to Aunt Lizzie over a year ago. Busy all this p.m. collecting and copying items. 

Tuesday, April 12th, 1932

A stiff cold breeze Astir all the day through.clouds and sunshine alternating all the day through. Have the usual daily tasks and doors and outside and made preparations to the week's washing. sat down and finish copying the news and also wrote an order to David Cook publishing company then Jennie and Henry stopped on their way to Dayton and left Bonnie and Ralph with me. About 10:40 I finally got started to Washing. Had to stop for dinner. Did not get the clothes on the line until 3. Usual evening task. Jenny and Henry were here about 5 for the kiddies late supper nearing 10

Wednesday, April 13th, 1932

Clear and cold. A stiff breeze this am.quiet this evening. Had the usual morning tasks and care of the baby chicks. Set the house in order and prepared dinner. This p.m. I did a little mending. Paraffin some new feeders which father made, put chocolate coating on some marshmallows, Cleaned up some feeders and fill them with grass for the chickens. Read up on some poultry medicine. Usual evening task Mr. and Mrs. Meyers and daughter called this evening and I sold them a half dozen turkey eggs.

Thursday, April 14th, 1932

Clear and somewhat warmer, but still cold. Had the usual daily routine of household tasks and care of the baby chicks. This am I did the week's ironing. This p.m. I gave father some help on a chicken brooder he is making, cut grass for the chickens, did a bit of reading. Wrote a little on the family genealogy, got a letter from Aunt Lizzie which I read. Evening task. Supper. Reading. late

Friday, April 15th, 1932

Bright and clear and getting gradually warmer but one feels better with a rap than without. Had the usual morning tasks and then saw to the baby chicks. to be sure, I have to look after the chickies several times per day. Gave the bedroom and living room there special clean up for the week. This p.m. I painted the new brooder Coop which Papa has about completed and just after I finished, I had a bad fall. Fortunately I escaped without serious injury but have been suffering ever since. 9:35

Saturday, April 16th, 1932

Another fine bright day with the usual daily tasks indoors and outside. The baby chicks required much of my time as usual. Got the Barb up from the garden and baked pies this a.m. . One custard, one peach and one rhubarb normal size and two small ones. Augustine called this a.m. and brought a treat of lettuce and frankfurters. This p.m. I shelled a lot of popcorn and popped it, father and I made 34 popcorn balls for the fish fry, but did not attend. Usual evening task. Ernest, Viv and Jim and Lizzy called and had a bit of lunch while earnest talked to the men. supper,mending, a bath late

Sunday, April 17th, 1932

A fine, Bright, beautiful Day things still chilly. Had the usual morning tasks and then attended to the baby chicks. Dressed and went to Sunday services. Professor Watkins and the boy chorus of Lebanon high School gave a program sacred music, occupy the time for regular preaching service. All enjoyed it fully. Sunday school followed. Then we drove home and looked after the poultry and got Ruth and the little boys and all drove two Henry's for dinner. Home for the evening task. Ernest here this evening. 

Monday, April 18th, 1932 

A beautiful, bright day, though still cold. Did not feel able to wash on account of my bad fall on Friday. Had the usual tasks and spent much time caring for the baby chicks. Put out some egg mash this p.m. and mix some of the grower with starter and I Want to change to grower. Spent my spare time this p.m. collecting news items. Evening task, supper. Copied a little since supper but feel very bum. Shall retire and try to rest 10:30 

Tuesday, April 19th, 1932 

Another fun, bright day and somewhat warmer. got so little sleep last night and still felt so badly that I postponed the washing again. Usual early morning task and breakfast. Then father and I saw to the poultry. Settle down to copy the news for the paper and was busy until almost 10. Then father took it to the mailbox for me. Saw to the usual tasks and dinner. Aunt Amelia and Evelyn came along and spent this p.m. with me. Ruth and the little boys here also. Usually evening task. 

Wednesday, April 20th, 1932 

Bright and warm this a.m., cloudy this p.m., and some drizzling rain this evening. Usual morning task and care of the baby chicks. Got the clothes sorted and prepared to wash. Was late getting help as the men where out on the tractor job. Did not finish washing until this p.m. and had ours and Ruth's Washing last to hang out. The McNess dealer was here for a while. Gave Papa a lift. Took in the clothes. Usual evening task. Late. Tired and sleepy. 

Thursday, April 21st, 1932 

A fine bright day and warmer. Had the usual daily routine of task indoors and outside. Got busy and got thoroughly washed and cleaned three Brushes which I have had for quite a while prepared and served dinner this p.m. I wrote for a Time on the genealogy. Then father and I shelled to big bags of corn for grinding for the chicks feed and held the sacks for father while  did the grinding. Had the usual evening task to see to. Late and I am tired out. My spinal column which was hurt in my fall last Friday is causing me much suffering. 

Friday, April 22nd, 1932 

A fine, bright day and quite warm. Have the usual morning task and then cared for the baby chicks. Father and I prepared a couple of dozen rhubarb for Town and then dress three hens.. Dinner and after dinner work. Went to Franklin this p.m. with Joseph, Ruth and saw to the week's trading and delivered the dressed chickens. Found Violet here when I return almost 5. Usual evening task. Henry is here for the evening. Almost 10:30. 

Saturday, April 23rd, 1932 

Another fine Bright Day. Had the usual morning tasks to see to and fixed up the young chickens for the forenoon. Bake to 5 pies one rhubarb one custard one plum and two mince. Served dinner and then did the washing up. Cut a lot of grass and saw to the chickens again. Mopped-up in the living room and kitchen, dipped a lot of marshmallows with chocolate coating and then got at the ironing. Earnest, Viv, Lizzy and Jim arrived from Dayton. Clarice and Flip called for Lizzie and Vera got at the ironing while I finish supper preparations a call from Dickey supply and Warrenton. 

Sunday, April 24th, 1932 

Dull, dark, cloudy and rainy with one good shower this p.m. had the usual necessary morning task to to see to and the young chickies to care for made preparation and with Joseph and his family attended church and Sunday school services. Father did not feel like going. Got back before noon about 11:40. Saw to the chickens, serve dinner and did some reading. Then father and I and Joseph and family all motered to Franklin and visited with Willard, and Miles and Home for evening tasks. Earnes, Viv and Jim here this evening. 

Monday, April 25th, 1932 

Somewhat rainy and dull and cloudy this am early but things cleared up soon. Had the usual morning tasks and saw to the chickens with Father's help. Made preparations and did the week's washing for the both families, finishing after dinner with denim outfit for Ernest. The wind was blowing fiercely and dried the clothes rapidly. Cut grass and other greens for the chickens and saw to their wants. then took in almost all of the clothes and finally when I was ready to get items our Stephone was out. Got Joseph to take me over to Dickey's to get my news together. Home for evening tasks. Copied a few sheets. Sleepy 

Tuesday, April 26th, 1932 

Dull, dark and rainy the whole day through. Had the usual dailymorning time of task indoors and outside as the strip room where I spent quite a bit of time with the little chickens. After getting the necessary morning task out of the way, I sat down and finished up the new items ready for the mail. Then got busy with the Household tasks and dinner preparations. Did a few odd turns this p.m. saw to the poultry and usually evening task. Late 

Wednesday, April 27th, 1932 

A fine bright day but still quite cold. Usual morning task and care of the chickens. Did some telephoning and engaged a bunch of Irish potatoes for planting. Set the house in order, cut grass for the chickens, prepared and serve dinner. After dinner work made preparations in attended the funeral of Mr. Gustin at the red Lion church this p.m. home again about 4 o'clock started the plant ended the week's ironing usual evening pants helped papa gets two dozen rhubarb ready for town. 

Thursday, April 28th, 1932 

A fine, bright, warm and beautiful day. Had the regular daily routine of household tasks and worked with the poultry. The weather was so fine that I decided to clean up the big wardrobe downstairs. So got busy with the care of the content carrying everything out on the line on the front porch. Dinner this p.m. I dusted and washed the entire wardrobe. Painted one of the flower tubs in the yard and got things back in the wardrobe. Henry is here for supper and the evening. Tired and sleepy 

Friday, April 29th, 1932 

Cloudy and hazy almost the entire day with a sprinkle of rain about 6 this p.m. . Usual early morning task and breakfast. Then father and I were busy with the poultry for some time arranging for the use of the new coupe father had made. Usual household tasks. Gave the bedroom and living room and a special clean up and spent the remainder of the spare time ending. Evening task. Late supper. More mending. Almost 10 

Saturday, April 30th, 1932 

Cloudy and cool. Had the usual morning task indoors and outside. Baked pies and a velvet sponge cake, bread and Kuche. gave the kitchen and a special clean up for Sunday. Had the young chickens to care for. Scrubbed the West porch and pavement and got my eggs ready for Town. Earnest and Viv are entertaining company over the week-end so did not come down. Usual evening task. Did some ending since supper. A bath. Late.

This ends the month of April 1932.  I will do my best to continue this diary postings because this is such a wonderful peek inside of the household, year of 1932.  Grandma Donna

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